Adi Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda


KBG’s Abracadabra titled ‘Pavan Varma’s Parakaya Pravesha of Adi Shankara – 2’ (SOM dated Aug.23) was interesting. At the end he has mentioned that Deepak Thimmaiah wondered if there were more Shankaras, who accomplished all that is attributed to Adi Shankaracharya alone.

In my opinion, it is like wondering how Swami Vivekananda could accomplish all that he accomplished in 39 years (1863-1902). He might  have annexed himself the work of his disciples!

There is a shloka in Sanskrit ‘Mookam Karoti Vachalam, Pangum Langhayate girim, Yat kripa tamaham vande paramananda Madhavam’ which means in a nutshell ‘When God’s grace is there, there is nothing that is impossible.’

When the whole world is praising Adi Shankara’s philosophy and his works, it is disgraceful that we, as his countrymen, start doubting his accomplishments.

– Dr. C.S. Srinivasan, Ramakrishnanagar, 25.8.2018

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