All in the Family: ‘Family Reservation’


Apropos the news item titled ‘All In The…Family’ (Star of Mysore dated Sept.4), I would like to express that this can only happen in countries like India. Of course, we know that most of the autocratic countries have dynastic rulers. Even in USA, famous families like Kennedy, Bush, Clinton etc., have followed family-based power politics. This is very unfortunate.

This can also be called as ‘Family Reservation’ for powerful families !

The Election Commission makes reservation policies to different Constituencies in order to provide social justice and empowerment of weaker sections. But the powerful political families misuse the policies and field their own family members to retain the power within themselves.

This leads to neutralising the intentions of the Government and the Election Commission. The root cause for this problem lies in the political parties which give tickets to winnable candidates only! I wonder why our people support such family-based candidates! The main reasons could be caste, money power etc.

People like me can only hope that our people and the political parties change their attitude and stop supporting family-based politics in the interest of justice and equity.

– R. Prakash, Advocate, Kanakadasa Nagar, 6.9.2018

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