Apartment residents’ ire against water supplier: Neighbouring borewells go dry

Mysuru: The residents of the Sriram Purnashree Apartment Association in Hinkal, have complained to the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner that a private water supplier is drawing water non-stop from a borewell in Hinkal and selling it in the tankers, lorries and tractors, thus causing the nearby borewells to go dry.

In a letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, John Thayyil, President of the Association, has alleged that due to indiscriminate pumping of water from a particular borwell, the other borwells nearby are drying up, resulting in water scarcity.

The Geology Department has also given a report stating that continuous drawing of ground water will affect the underground water level.

In a letter dated March 20, 2017, the Tahasildar of Mysuru taluk had directed the owner of the tanker, Sathish, to stop drawing water continuously, on the oral order of the Deputy Commissioner, except between 11 am and 4 pm.

However, he has completely ignored the direction, and continues to draw water and supply it in tankers, said Thayyil. The residents of the apartment have also petitioned the KUWSDB Managing Director Manivannan against the water supplier Sathish for violation of rules, according to John Thayyil [Mob: 94480-44297].