Body waits for burial as cemetery is flooded

Kushalnagar:  Floods in Kodagu has brought unique reports of distress like this one from Kushalnagar where a cemetery was flooded when a pit was being dug to bury a dead body. Water, which started to spring from the pit, soon covered the entire cemetery and a sucking machine had to be used to draw out water. The body was finally buried.

The incident was reported from the Christian Cemetery at Kushalnagar yesterday. The cemetery, located near the bridge, was submerged due to heavy rain two weeks ago and the water receded about a week back. Yesterday afternoon, a family, who had lost their dear one, had come to the cemetery to prepare the ground  for burial.

When the workers dug the ground for about two to three feet, water began to spring from the sides. Thinking that it is a small leakage as the ground water level has increased due to floods workers emptied the water using vessels and buckets.


But the more the workers emptied the water, the more water began to spring and soon gallons of water flooded the cemetery ground, submerging it completely. The shocked family members did not know what to do as they had to bury the body. They later informed the Municipality.

Kushalnagar civic authorities, who rushed to the spot, brought a sucking machine sent by Mysuru City Corporation at around 4.30 pm and began to empty the water. The operation went on till about 6 pm. After the water was drained, the burial took place at about 6.45 pm.