British-era bridge withstands water pressure

The historical Wellesley Bridge, built by the British, across River Cauvery at Srirangapatna which remains neglected and dilapidated, now is withstanding the pressure of strong water force as more than one lakh cusecs of water is being let out to the river from KRS reservoir which is receiving huge inflow since a week.

Picture below shows concrete brick wall built across the bridge by Mandya District Administration to prevent people and vehicles from moving on the Wellesley Bridge.

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  • What kind of reporting is this ?

    Just the other day you published an article on the same subject with headline- "Wellesley Bridge under threat of being washed away " .

    Now within three days you are proclaiming that it Withstands Water Pressure !

    But what is disturbing is the that you are prefacing it with British Era / Built by British etc. How irresponsible !

    These are some of the finest specimens of Native Enterprise and Engineering Skills and a similar Bridge / Acqua duct over Pashima Vahini / Cauvery belongs to 1640's and to say these are built by British is unfortunate !

    Please desist from such armchair journalism.