Chaotic road sans walkable footpath



Of late Kalidasa Road has become a  very busy road, especially from Panchavati junction to Vijayanagar — busier than the commercial roads in city. With non-stop movement of vehicles and with vehicles parked on either sides of the road, the pedestrians are risking their lives while walking on this stretch.

Since the footpath is totally undulated, pedestrians are forced to walk on the road with a fear of being hit either from front or back. There are a couple of hospitals, medical shops and banks frequented by the senior citizens and it is a herculean task for them to cross this road.

Looks like the area Corporator has never walked on this stretch. The area Corporator should take the initiative to lay a good footpath and save the pedestrians.

Also a couple of elevated pedestrian crossings  are required to mitigate the woes experienced  by the pedestrians  using this stretch of the road.

– K. Chandrahas, Mysuru, 9.11.2017

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