Chief Minister for 55 hours

Yeddyurappa, who was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the third time on Thursday, resigned from the post only in 55 hours. He  resigned after giving an emotional speech shortly before the trust vote was taken. With that, Yeddyurappa has now the dubious record of one of the shortest stint as Chief Minister of a State.

Some of the CMs who were in the office for very few days are Jagdambika Pal – CM of UP for three days from Feb.21  to Feb. 23 in 1998; Satish Prasad Singh – CM of Bihar for 5 days from Jan.28 to Feb.1 in 1968; S.C. Marak – CM of Meghalaya from Feb.27 to Mar.3 in 1998; Janaki Ramachandran – CM of Tamil Nadu  for 24 days from Jan. 7 to Jan. 30 in 1998; B.P. Mandal – CM of Bihar for 31 days from Feb.1 to Mar.2 in 1968; C.H. Mohd. Koya – CM of Kerala for 45 days from Oct.12 to Dec.1 in 1979; B.S. Yeddyurappa – CM of Karnataka for 7 days from Nov.12 to Nov.19 in 2007.


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