Did failed hair-straightening procedure lead to suicide?

Mysuru:  Depressed over frequent hair loss after undergoing the hair-straightening procedure, a Kodagu girl, who was pursuing her studies in city, has allegedly committed suicide by jumping into Lakshmanatheertha River at Nittur near Gonikoppal in Kodagu and her body was found floating in the river by the villagers on Saturday evening.

Ponnampet Police, who rushed to the spot after being informed by the villagers about a body floating in the river, fished out the body and shifted it to Gonikoppal Community Health Centre mortuary.

The deceased girl, identified as G. Neha Gangamma, is the daughter of Prabha and Shyla couple of Nittur, who was pursuing her first year MBA course at St. Joseph’s College at Jayalakshmipuram in city and was staying at a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation on Gokulam Road here from where she had gone missing.

Neha, on Aug.29, left the PG at about 10.30 am saying that she was going to the College and had not returned.  A missing complaint was lodged by the PG owner at Jayalakshmipuram Police Station.

It is learnt that Neha had undergone hair straightening procedure at a beauty parlour in city following which her hair began to fall. Following hair loss, Neha was reluctant to go to the college and her parents are said to have consoled her besides persuading her to attend classes. But Neha, who became depressed following hair loss, jumped into the river and ended her life, it is learnt. Neha’s parents have accused the beauty parlour for their daughter’s death.

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  • Does anyone realize that it is important to know what other things she was going through that her hair fall just triggered all her feelings at once to do what she did to herself? I have been under depression too and I know that if I ever made a decision to take my chance everytime I had multiple reasons and not just one.. People, grow up instead of talking I'll about the person who is gone try to resolve the problems that our teenagers and adults are facing inside and outside the school or colleges.. It is time to help one another when we still have them..

  • The hair straightening cream is meant to be applied on the hairs except the roots, the cream should not come in contact with the scalp else the hairs roots will be damaged.

    This requires skill on the part of the beautician, but Indian beauty parlour people are uneducated, he/she must have applied it throughout the scalp from the root. This lead to hair loss.

    Indian beauty parlour and saloon only cares for their money. That saloon must be sealed and the beautician must be punished.

    It's better not to go to saloon or beauty parlours. They only want their money.

  • I stand to be corrected.
    I am not very sure. Permanent hair loss are very rare. Many skin allergies and diseases do cause full hair loss but mostly regrow.

  • I am a man and I can understand her pain. During my teenage I had hairs like male shampoo models. Once I went to local hair salon who used infectious comb or scissors. I lost 50 percent of hairs within a week so much that my scalp was visible. I was depressed like hell.

  • I am appalled by the heartless comments made by some of the people in this thread. Let us not compound the tragedy by speaking ill of a dead girl. Let it be!

  • Stop talking rubbish, you must be sick in your head, for me it seems like you are somehow related to this parlor, If Neha budget was 3000,- why the hell did you accept it to do it. Costomers always bargain and this doesnt mean that you can use the cheap quality.

  • Neha compromised in her hair straightening treatment, she wanted to get it done for 3000/- which actually would have caused her around 7000/-. Which shows quality compromise. That time there was offer on that particular salon. I mean if it is the best brand used, how can anyone get it cheap? She should be allergic and should have visited doctor. Taking life shows cowardliness.

  • I went to the same experience when I straightened my hair ... coincidentally I was going to depression and started skipping meals which triggered my hair loss more then i went to a doctor and started eating well and hair loss stopped

  • My God...mere hairs bhi last year September me hair straightening se totally burnt ho gye the even scalp se length tak pure...mne bhot treatment krwaya kuch nhi hua finally Maine hair ko root se trim krwa liya...bhot depression me chli gai thi....but suicide...Oh God...really very sad to Neha...

  • This is really pathetic to read that our indian youth or future of nation had this kind of morality towards life. I think she forgot that she is a Student . How one student can do this kind of idiotic work. Just for hair loss she did so!! Hair is just a outer part of our body. That outer thing should not be taken as consideration. She could find another way to solve her problem instead of suicide. God blessed us by giving us human body so that we can implement it and be someone in life through difficulties. She avoided difficulties and chosen easiest path. She is escapist. That is shameful according to me. Really shameful.