Dr. Manas S N, of Reniu Clinic Mysore gives expert advice on Hairline Reconstruction

These days, hair transplant is a normal procedure that has improved looks of innumerable people across the globe.  It is considered to be a reliable and safe procedure with assured results y in cases of androgenetic alopecia. Hair Transplant does offer a ray of hope to people with andespeciallrogenetic alopecia but it is essential to pay a great deal of attention to the hairline reconstruction for best results

Androgenetic Alopecia is genetic disorder which lead to considerable hair loss and baldness in individuals especially at a younger age. Individuals suffering from this disorder are likely to suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. They feel uncomfortable when outdoors and cannot mix freely within the society. 

Dr. Manas S N is the founder and chief dermatologist of Reniu Clinic in Mysore. He comes with over more than five years of experience in performing hair transplant procedures. Apart from hair transplant, he also offers cosmetology and laser surgery services. He is assisted by a team of expert and qualified doctors and professionals. The staff is trained and courteous in their approach to customers. 

Reniu Clinic offers a plethora of cosmetic treatments and services such as hair transplant surgeries, mesotherapy, PRP treatment, laser hair removal, and many more. Moreover, Reniu Clinic is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that ensures the patients receive the best possible treatment and are satisfied with their results. 

Dr. Manas S N, one of the leading hair transplant surgeons of Mysore has treated innumerable cases of androgenetic alopecia. Recently, he treated a 27 YO male patient with complaints of baldness, thinning of hair in the frontal scalp areas. The patient was primarily suffering from hairline recession. Dr Manas diagnosed it as with Grade 2 Andro-genetic Alopecia. He agreed to perform a hair transplant procedure focusing on reconstruction of hairline. 

Upon receiving the patient’s consent and clear pathological reports, the hair transplant procedures was performed. Dr. Manas S N performed a Bio-FUE hair transplant with 1800 grafts which was sufficient for him to get a perfect hairline suiting his face and scalp. The patient was prescribed multivitamin tablets, Minoxidil 5% solution, growth factor concentrate injections for three months. The hair transplant was very successful and the patient was highly satisfied with the results. 

Further, Dr Manas elaborates on how he ensures a natural looking hairline by discussing the case with the patient and his hair transplant team. Also, he makes sure to give a natural hairline as far as possible. A straight hairline is not preferable. The age of the patient is also considered while planning the shape of the hairline. The final restored look has to match with the age and the personality of the patient.

The other details include direction and angle of planting the hair follicles while the front hairline is implanted with feathers of hair or hair of extremely small length to ensure a better hair look and feel. He takes care of the hair colour and texture while doing the hair transplant for getting the most natural look possible. 

Dr. Manas S N says, ‘I believe in doing a thorough hair transplant job and give the most natural look possible. Finally, the customer should not only be highly satisfied with the procedure but also be able to look young, trendy and confident too’.

This post was published on August 28, 2021 6:19 pm