Elders appeal PM to release currency notes on Mysore Palace

Mysuru: The Senior Citizens Forum has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release currency denomination of any one currency notes with the world famous Mysore Palace.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Secretary of the Forum, R.M. Chetty has stated that in recent times RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has released currency notes of Rs.2,000, Rs. 500, Rs.200, Rs.50 and Rs.10 with different historical monument on different occasions reflecting the country’s heritage in addition to Mahatma Gandhi’s image, which is a welcome measure.

However, the Mysore Palace, which is a century-old impressive and wonderful architecture in the world that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad has not been featured.

“Hence, we appeal that you as the Prime Minister who has spoken highly of this heritage city must ensure that the Palace is featured in any one of the currency notes,” said Chetty in a letter to the Prime Minister.