Flouting Traffic Rules: Some Thoughts


Apropos a series of letters which are painful to read regarding traffic violations ‘Even foreign students don’t fear Indian Laws or its Lawmen!’ (Star of Mysore dated Feb. 4), teachers, elders and the Police are there to enforce the law sometimes (if necessary) through force, punishment or fines, to make the society disciplined. This is to instil a fear  in the minds of public to put them on the right track for their own welfare.

Giving flowers, counselling and awareness through Traffic Week has not worked much. Nowadays the hands are getting tied and morale is lowered.

The unruly mob is more organised to protect the culprits who flout all rules and regulations without the fear of being caught with utter disregard to law. This is particularly so with the Traffic Police.

Flouting traffic rules has become a fashion. When there is checking, some passersby, instead of cooperating with Police, will alert the traffic  violators. Even parents are encouraging the same risking their own wards, themselves and public with trauma and consequences when any untoward incident happens.

It is very unfortunate to pressurise Police personnel to keep mum when they are trying with so many odds to maintain traffic discipline.

–  Dr. M.Shyam Prasad