Gajapayana date yet to be finalised: Sheds being constructed to house Dasara elephants at Mysore Palace premises

Mysuru: Though the date for Gajapayana is yet to be announced, construction of sheds to house Dasara elephants and to provide shelter for mahouts and kavadis are going on at Mysore Palace premises.

In the first batch, six elephants led by Arjuna will arrive and another six elephants will arrive in the second batch. In order to protect these elephants from rain and sun, sheds are being constructed which is being supervised by Forest Department officials and staff led by Veterinarian Dr. Nagaraju.

Works on providing shelter to the elephants, their mahouts and family members, along with providing electricity and drinking water, is going on in full pace apart from readying kitchen, Tent School and for health check-up.

It is learnt that the first batch of elephants to arrive in Mysuru comprise of Arjuna, Balarama, Drona, Abhimanyu, Chaitra and Varalakshmi but the exact date of Gajapayana is not yet announced as the Forest Department officials and staff are busy with rescue and rehabilitation works in Kodagu. Even the High-level Dasara Committee meeting to be chaired by the Chief Minister is yet to be held.

In the second batch, Dasara elephants Dhananjaya, Vikram, Gopi, Gopalaswamy, Cauvery and Vijaya will arrive in Mysuru and the District Administration is making necessary arrangements to take care of the Forest guests who are coming to take part in the Dasara festivities.

Arrangements are also being made to provide pond and water for the elephants to take bath, to stroll around, provide training for Jumboo Savari and the routine health check-up of the Dasara elephants.