Ganesha idols: MCC must act


As Ganesha festival is fast approaching, the city footpaths are dotted with huge idols of Lord Ganesha (of different colours made out of clay and Plaster of Paris). These idols are invariably coated with oil paints and metal paints which are very rich in heavy metals by chemical composition. Idols made out of PoP are a menace since it doesn’t dissolve easily in water and releases different kinds of poisonous substances, which would be harmful to aquatic animals.

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), since the beginning has been cautioning all the idol-makers and vendors to sell only clay idols with no oil or metal paint. However, as far as the implementation of the rule is concerned, the MCC has  not been serious. This casual  attitude of MCC is allowing these vendors to boldly continue sale of PoP idols. Hence, MCC must mercilessly seize all such idols that do not conform to the recommended standards as per Pollution Control Board regulations.

Even people of Mysuru and surrounding places must boycott this kind of idols; otherwise our future generation may have to pay heavily for the blunder committed by us.

– Nagamangala Narasimha Murthy, Mysuru, 8.8.2017

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