Garbage dumping continues at Vontikoppal 3rd Main


Thanks to Bhamy Shenoy’s letter about the garbage bin and complete mess at Vontikoppal 3rd Main corner (Star of Mysore dated Dec. 21), the dumpster was removed and the place cleaned yesterday. But despite efforts by some local people to keep the place clean, garbage from the surrounding apartments continues to be dumped here (see picture).

All house waste needs to be segregated at source. There are people who will come to your building to buy glass, paper, plastic and metal that is sorted and dry. The MCC can have a system of taking away the rest. In the case of this particular place, the goshala has a composting unit as well. People must begin to understand and act on this. The goshala people have offered to tell residents not to dump but to what extent can they police the area.

I really hope in weeks to come people do realise that they must care for their city beyond their homes and come together.

– Sunita Rao, Mysuru, 2.1.2018

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