Gundlupet’s own Believe It or Not!

Mallappa displaying the copper pieces coming out of the wound.

Gundlupet: In a straight ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ scene, copper pieces are oozing out of a wounded man’s leg at the Devarahalli village in Gundlupet taluk.

Originally hailing from Doddatuppuru village, D.M. Mallappa is residing in Devarahalli. While he was working in his farm a few days ago, he hurt his leg. The gash in the wound deepened and there was pus formation. Even after he showed it to the doctor, the wound had not healed.

However, the way copper pieces are popping out of the wound, has caused much concern and shock among the people. Tuesday (Jan. 16) being an Amavasya day, Mallappa had gone to the nearby Mahadeshwara temple in Tavarakatte to offer puja. Later, when he shared his problem with the temple priest, he (priest) has smeared lime juice on the wound and the pain subsided a bit.

But later, the pain increased and 30 to 40 fine copper pieces oozed out of the wound. This could be due to him possessed by ‘Banamati’ or black magic must have been performed on him, are the doubts expressed by the villagers.

According to Mallappa, only when lime juice is applied will the pain subside and during that time the copper pieces come out. However, he has not visited any hospital for treatment so far. The Taluk Health Officer Dr. Ravikumar told Star of Mysore that unless he has a look at Mallappa’s wound he cannot make any guesses.


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  • Doctors should volunteer to study the case as it is a curious case. If indeed copper pieces comes out from the wound, the issue needs to be studied in depth to know the root cause of the phenomenon