Hubby nabs eve-teaser

Mysuru: A man, who saw his wife being teased by a man, caught hold of the eve teaser, beat him black and blue before handing him over to the Police.

The incident took place at Brindavan Layout in city yesterday and the person who allegedly teased the lady and got beaten is Manju.

The woman, who works at a Kalyana Mantap on KRS Road here, was being followed and teased by Manju since four days.

As the harassment continued, the woman informed her husband Ramesh Gowda.

Ramesh, who began to follow his wife by keeping distance, saw Manju teasing her again and confronted him resulting in Manju scooting from the spot only to be chased by Ramesh, who caught him (Manju) at Brindavan Layout and beat him black and blue.

Ramesh later brought Manju to Metagalli Police Station and handed over him to the Cops and filed a complaint.