Miscreants con woman of Rs. 2.4 lakh in the guise of getting her job

Mysuru:  Two persons from Uttar Pradesh have conned a woman in city to the tune of Rs.2.4 lakh by promising to get her a job in a Multi-National Company (MNC).

The woman who was cheated has been identified as Suraksha N. Jois, a resident of Chamundipuram here, while the miscreants have been identified as Ajesh Ajay Rajasagar and Gautham of Uttar Pradesh. Suraksha had applied for a job at naukri.com and the duo who came across the application of Suraksha, called her over the phone and told her that they would get her a job in Dell company, but for a sum.

Suraksha, who believed them, deposited a total of Rs.2.4 lakh in phases. But when she used to call them for the job, the duo used to give reasons all the time.

Suraksha then came to know that she had been cheated by the duo and lodged a complaint at K.R. Police Station.

K.R. Police have registered a case and are investigating.