Modular furniture brand opens store in city

Mysuru: German modular furniture brand Nolte opened a store in Mysuru on Dewans Road on Aug. 23.

The 1,600 sqft showroom features latest international modular kitchens, including real mirror finish kitchen called Neo-salon. During the launch, Chef Manu Chandra presented fine food and designs and explained how kitchens have evolved over the years to attain the role it now plays in modern homes and in the hospitality industry.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time around my mother in the kitchen, trying to understand the flavours, techniques and also to do my homework while she cooked. The kitchen was one of my fondest places as a child,” he recalled.

Alok Duggal, director of Nolte India, said, “With an increase in the number of people returning from stints and travels abroad, there is a demand for European look and styles in interiors. People nowadays use kitchens to host parties and to cook leisurely. So, they ask for state-of-the-art styles, designs, and gadgets in the kitchen.”

“Nolte has come up with the concept of a Social Kitchen. This year, we have introduced seven new kitchens. Besides, we would launch seven to eight showrooms across India this year.” Tarun and Rahul Kanted, owners of the franchise in Mysuru, said, “Mysuru has a mixed crowd. The IT crowd wants an open-plan kitchen, which is both aesthetic and functional.”