Mysuru Silk Saree discount sale extended throughout State: CM H.D. Kumaraswamy

Mysuru: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy launched the sale of Mysuru Silk Sarees at discount rates yesterday, thus trying to meet the aspirations of the middle class section of the society to own the famous elegant attire.

The CM distributed symbolically five Silk Sarees at the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) showroom in Ittigegudu opposite the Mysuru Zoo in the afternoon. Later, Kumaraswamy speaking said that Sericulture Minister S.R. Mahesh had embarked on a new programme, in the light of the festival and saree worth Rs.15,000 was being sold at a discounted rate of Rs.4,500. In the coming days this scheme will be increased step by step throughout the State, he said, wishing everyone for Gowri-Ganesha Festival. S.R. Mahesh, who is also the Tourism Minister, said that a decision was taken earlier itself to see that all class of people will have the opportunity to purchase Silk Saree at discounted rate. However, the model code of conduct and the labour problem forced the postponement of the sale. At this juncture, the CM sanctioned Rs.10 crore. Hence, this scheme was implemented, he added.

Every year only 70,000 sarees are manufactured. Accordingly, the quantity of sale of discounted sarees is less. 1,500 sarees in Mysuru, 1,200 in Channapatna, 1,500 in Bengaluru and 500 in Belagavi have been earmarked. This will be followed by the sale in other KSIC outlets in other parts of the State too, he said.

Thousands of women had gathered in front of the KSIC outlet and by the time the CM arrived, it had started raining and even amidst rain, they purchased the sarees. District Minister G.T. Devegowda & MLC K.T. Srikantegowda were present.

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  • Thank u Star of Mysore for publishing silk Saree discount sale which prompted honourable chief Minister H.D.Kumar away to extend the silk Saree sale all over karnataka by keeping the desire and aspirations of middle class women of the state.

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