When Nilekani intervenes to update a Mysurean’s biometric data at an Aadhaar Centre


Apropos the letter titled  “Aadhaar linking: Clarification sought” by  D. Venkateshaiah (SOM dated Dec. 29) on the difficulties faced by senior citizens on  non-acceptance of the fingerprints while linking mobile number (SIM)  with   Aadhaar, the option available is to update the biometric data in an authorised Aadhaar Centre.

I also faced the same problem two months back and visited the Government-owned  MysoreOne Centre near Doctor’s Corner in Gokulam and requested for upgradation of the biometric data. The response of the people there was very hostile (dialogue omitted) and they refused to do the needful stating that there is no such rule.

The personnel there are not co-operative, though the rules are very clear that one can upgrade the biometric data (https://uidai.gov.in/enrolment-update/aadhaar-enrolment/aadhaar-data-update.html).

Meanwhile, one of my well- wishers referred my case to Nandan Nilekani, the first and former Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which implemented the Aadhaar project, and in turn, he transferred  my  case to UIDAI Office in Bengaluru to settle my case without any delay. The Officer, the Head of the UIDAI himself,  spoke to me immediately and assured me that he would arrange the upgradation of my biometric data within 24 hours at a registered Aadhaar Centre near my house.

Later, on the same day,  I received a  call  from the person manning the Aadhaar Centre to visit the Centre at my convenience. The very next day I approached the designated Aadhaar Centre  and got the upgradation of my biometric data (fingerprint and  iris) done. In another two weeks time I received the communication to download the updated e-aadhaar.

Therefore, D. Venkateshaiah and other senior citizens who are facing such problems need not get disappointed.  They  may visit any Aadhaar Centre and update their biometric data, preferably  a private centre and not MysoreOne.  The documents required are original Aadhaar card and  ID, preferably PAN card.

– Dr. Mahadeswara Swamy, Mysuru, 31.12.2017

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