Perseverance pays for BJP’s Niranjan Kumar in Gundlupet

C.S. Niranjan Kumar (second from right) gestures after the results.

Chamarajanagar: At last, ‘Lotus’ has bloomed in Gundlupet Assembly Constituency with BJP candidate C.S. Niranjan Kumar (94,151 votes) defeating Dr. Geetha Mahadevaprasad (77,467 votes).

Since the first General Election in 1952, Gundlupet Constituency has seen 15 elections including a by-election. However only five people had represented the Constituency and now Niranjan Kumar will be the 6th person. Geetha Mahadevaprasad had won in the by-election held in 2017 and had become a Minister too. Many thought that Geetha would win again but suffered defeat by a sizeable margin. Now Niranjan Kumar has got the credit and honour of defeating a Minister by a huge margin and allowing BJP to open the account in the Constituency.

Incidentally, Niranjan Kumar had contested with BJP ticket in Assembly polls held in 2008, 2017 (by-election) and with KJP ticket in 2013 and was defeated in all. His father C.M. Shivamallappa had contested with Congress ticket in 1994 and as an Independent in 1999 and lost both the times.

In short, the father-son combination had contested against Mahadevaprasad and Geetha Mahadevaprasad five times and were defeated. Now, Niranjan Kumar winning the election has created a record beating all expectations.