Petrol price had crossed Rs.80 in 2013 under UPA

Mysuru: Even as Congress staged a nation-wide bandh yesterday in protest against rising prices of petrol, diesel and LPG, it is recalled that the price of petrol had breached Rs.80 mark in 2013 itself, when the Congress-headed UPA Government was in power at the Centre.

According to a petrol bill issued by a Fuel Station in Mysuru, the price of petrol was Rs.82.53 a litre on Sept.7, 2013.

Today’s price stands at Rs.83.26 (petrol) and Rs.75.09 (diesel).

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  • Is this supposed to be an article with information relating Crude oil price at the time or just a statement to mislead people to support a favorite party?

  • In year 2013 the crude oil price was dollar 91$/barrel and with inflation adjustment as of today it was 95 $/barrel.
    where as today its only 60 $/ barrel

  • what was the value of Rupee against the US Dollar at that time and what is the value of Rupee against the US Dollar today?

  • Not so fast. The price of petrol today is slightly higher than what it was during Congress ruled the country, but you need to remember both state and central govet tax the heck out of petrol. If state govt wants to cut the price of petrol they can easily do so by reducing VAT. But they don’t... that is because both govts need moeny to finance their loan waivers, silk saree discounts etc. In the end somebody has to pay all these yatra and jatras. So, it is not just BJP or Congress, we need a tighter fiscal policy. Govt cannot solve all the problems people have.

  • after 4.5 years of BJP rule it has been realised that those old days were very good. Those great promises of BJP : will bring back all the black money in foreign banks, will erase corruption, will teach Pakistan a lesson, will generate 2 crore jobs in a year, will stop farmer suicides, will solve this and will solve that. Enough ! We are fed up with A class speeches , man ki baat and presentations. Arrogancy of BJP leaders at it's highest level. They are just taking congress legacy ahead and nothing else.

    • you have right to ask all these logical questions only when you give current regime 60+ years.
      Till then enjoy the high end government sponsored advertisement, trolls.