In Pictures: Yaduveer Wadiyar performs Ayudha puja to royal arms

Mysuru: Special puja was performed to the royal armoury in the Palace with full traditional fervour and grandeur, on the occasion of Ayudha Puja.

The royal armoury placed in a golden chariot, was offered guard of honour by the District Armed Reserve Police to the accompaniment of mangalavadya and later taken out in a procession along with the Pattade Kudure (royal horse) and the royal cow round the Palace premises.


Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar performs Ayudha Pooja rituals at Mysore Palace.


Trishikha Kumari Wadiyar spotted watching the rituals carried out by Yaduveer Wadiyar.



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  • This Yaduveer might have been adopted into Wadiyar family and considered as the heir to the Wadiyar dynasty by some. But, that does not make him a real Maharajah. He should shun all these jamborees considering the fact that Mysuru is not governed by Royalty as in Krishnaraja Wadiyar period, and this is a state in democratic India, where monarchy was abolished when Indian gained independence in 1947.

    • This is the ritual and culture of the Wadiyars. They are not celebrating these festivities at the cost of public exchequer. This is their private family celebration. It is insane to suggest that he should abandon his family's age-old tradition.
      Perhaps the jamborees of MPs should be questioned and not those of Shri. Yaduveer Wadiyar.