Police and also Private Security to guard Palace

Mysuru: The Security inside the Mysore Palace which was manned by the Police Department will be whittled down and private security will be brought in to man the outside premises of the Palace.

This decision was taken at a meeting of the State Chief Secretary, Law Secretary, Finance Secretary and PWD Secretary held in Bengaluru.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, Mysore Palace Board Deputy Director T.S. Subramanya said, “There are several Police Personnel who have been in charge of the security inside the Mysore Palace for more than 15 years and there appears to be a nexus between them, wherein the tourists are fleeced. Hence, I had suggested to the Palace Board to have a security along the lines followed in the Mysuru Zoo where there is a private security also manning the premises.”

The decision of the Board to have a separate private security will be implemented once the Model Code of Conduct in force due to election is lifted. The strength of the Police security inside the Palace will also be brought down, he said.