Provide trolley at Railway Station


We are all proud to know that Mysuru Railway Station has been adjudged as one of the best Stations. There a couple of amenities Railways can add to improve their service to passengers like having 24×7 dedicated counter to issue platform tickets and provide luggage trolleys.

Now at different times, platform tickets are issued at different counters. When the same counter is issuing current ticket along with platform ticket, seeing the queue, visitors are constrained to skip buying platform tickets.

Over a period of time, the number of porters at Railway Station has dwindled and the few available porters, loot the passengers. When queried, I was told that most of the passengers carry trolley-like baggage with wheels and their service is limited to very few, whom they are constrained to loot for their livelihood. Over a period of time,  porters may disappear from Railway Station.

To safeguard the interest of passengers, Railways should provide trolleys to passengers, like in airports. Providing trolleys will save the passengers from being fleeced at the hands of existing porters.

– K. Chandrahas, Mysuru, 20.8.2018

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  • Sir, Electric carts, trolleys and decent wheel chairs are a great idea. In all the countries that I have traveled in, I have never seen porters. Porters belong to the British raj and they should stay there. I have also noticed that it is a lot easier to walk from platform to platform in their railway stations. Many of their passengers are elders and I have not seen any of them struggling with their luggages. Why is it only happening here?