RBI employee saves man ending life

Mysuru: A Reserve Bank of India (RBI) employee, despite not knowing swimming, has saved a man who was trying to end his life in Kukkarahalli Lake on Mar.17.

RBI employee Gopalaswamy is the one who dared save a life without caring for his own life.

The incident occurred around 5.30 pm. An unidentified person entered the Lake area opposite Senate Bhavan side and suddenly jumped into the Lake.

At this time, though there were many walkers none came forward to save the man’s life. Meanwhile, Gopalaswamy, who was also among the walkers, immediately had the presence of mind and gave his mobile phone and purse to a person standing nearby and jumped into the water.

By then, the unidentified man started drowning in the marshy area. Even though Gopalaswamy did not know swimming, he somehow managed to pull out the man and brought him to the shore.

Asked why he tried to take the extreme step, the man replied that he had some family problems and upset with it he had decided to   commit suicide.

Gopalaswamy and others, who had gathered, advised the man to take hold of his life and not to once again make an attempt to end his life and sent him back.

The walkers lauded the efforts of the RBI employee.

Mahadev, a relative of Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council Marithibbegowda, who was also at the spot, shared the brave effort of the RBI employee along with the photo with Star of Mysore.