Staging of ‘Lanka Dahana’ at BVB on Sept.17

Mysuru:  As part of Kalabharathi wing’s monthly cultural programme, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Mysuru Kendra, has organised a Yakshagana programme on Sept. 17 at 6 pm in its Prof. Y.T. Thathachari Auditorium in Vijayanagar.

The play titled “Lanka Dahana” or “Choodamani”, enacted by Sri. Mahaganapathy Yakshagana Mandali, Nidle, South Canara,  is taken from the epic Ramayana.

Sri Rama’s wife Sita was kidnapped by the demon Ravana and Sri Rama with the assistance and help of Vaanara King Sugriva and his warriors located Sita. The mighty monkey God, Hanuman reaches Lanka after crossing the ocean. After killing Dhwara Palike Lankini, Hanuman meets Sitadevi in Ashokavana and presents the signature ring of Rama for identity and later destroys the beautiful Ashoka Garden.

Seeing this, Ravana’s son Indrajith imprisons Hanuman and Ravana orders to light fire to Hanuman’s tail, who in turn burns the entire Lanka city and its neighbouring area. He later flies back to Sri Rama and gives the tidings of Sitadevi to him.