Stray dog menace in Roopanagar


Stray dogs in Roopanagar, Bogadi, are creating havoc to the children, pedestrians and motorists, especially two-wheelers. People are scared to move around either by foot or in two-wheelers. Children are afraid to play. There are instances where the panic-stricken two-wheelers caused accidents to avoid getting bitten by the dogs.

The animal welfare organisation People For Animals (PFA) can be of great help if they can round up all the stray dogs, sterilize as needed, give the puppies for adoption and then arrange to release the sterilized dogs somewhere in the outskirts and not release them back into Roopanagar Layout.

While we understand that these stray animals need our care and concern, we also have to safeguard our own lives and the lives of our children, neighbours alike.

We request that the authorities concerned at the appropriate level, whether it be the Village Panchayat or MUDA or Mysuru City Corporation, take some serious steps to control this and help the residents, thereby avoiding any untoward incident.

– Roopa and Srinivas on behalf of residents, Roopanagar, Bogadi, 2.9.2018

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