Streets crying for Lights


In continuation with the letters on need of street lights, of course Mysuru city is lacking with proper street lights. The roads are filled with lights of the shops decorated with hi-voltage LED lights, particularly on DD Urs Road, Shivarampet etc. Other than these roads, all other roads are lacking street lights.

As rightly said in the previous article, the vehicle users are forced to use high beam lights which again affects the opposite vehicle driver/rider that he goes blind for a few seconds which may lead to accidents. In these roads public will be crossing the roads across where the motorists will not be visible unless they reach nearer.

Are not the Mayor, Corporators or Officers in the MCC travelling on the roads during evening time after the lights are on? Are they not in a position to take a decision on this problem?

I regularly travel from Railway Station to Columbia Asia Hospital Junction. Till then all along the way from RMC Circle, Bamboo Bazar, Highway Circle (Nelson Mandela Road), Millennium Circle and roads leading to JSS Dental College and parallel roads do not have proper street lights and as a result all the four-wheelers, two-wheelers, autos, KSRTC buses use high beam lights thus blinding other motorists.

The high mast lights installed are also not functioning properly since a long time.

I as a citizen of Mysuru city and also as a Traffic Warden feel that violations of traffic rules cannot be avoided unless the roads are properly lit.

On behalf of the motorists, I request the MCC Officers, Corporators, the Mayor and the Commissioner to act on this problem immediately.

– K.M. Palaksha, Mysuru, 17.8.2018

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