Two-wheelers sans number plates on the rise in city


Of late it is shocking to see the increase in the number of two-wheelers plying without registration number plate in Mysuru. By plying so, the two-wheelers are openly defying basic traffic and RTO rules.

A few days back a two-wheeler without a registration number plate with three persons jumped the signal near St. Joseph’s School on Temple road and collided with a two-wheeler following the traffic signals. After collision the pillion riders scooted the place and rider pushed his vehicle and sped away.

Fellow motorists could not record any evidence since there was no number plate for the offender’s two-wheeler.

If we drive for about thirty minutes through Mysuru main roads, we can notice a minimum of ten two-wheelers without number plates and indulging in all traffic violations.

I wonder whether the traffic cops and the officers of RTO are blind while on duty, since under no circumstance they can  miss out the two-wheelers plying without number plates.

–  K. Chandrahas