Unscientific Circle in Gangothri campus


The University of Mysore is one of the oldest and best Universities in India. We are all proud of such an institution being in Mysuru.

I happened to visit Manasagangothri campus last week. I went near the Buddha statue next to PG Hostel. A Circle has been created and at the centre the statue of Buddha is situated. It is an eye-catching statue. But the Circle’s design is not up to the standard and very inconvenient to vehicle-users.

Moreover, there is a big tree in the middle of the road itself! I could not believe that the tree has been left as it is in the middle of the road which forms the Circle! I heard that this tree has been left there since 2 years!

How come the University authorities have still not taken note of this dangerous spot? If the intention is not to cut this tree, then they can go for transplanting, so that the Circle becomes danger-free.

I hope the authorities concerned will look into this and initiate appropriate measures at the earliest.

– R. Prakash, Advocate, Kanakadasanagar , 25.5.2018

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  • Sir,
    I am rather puzzled by the heading of the above letter. Where does science come into the design of traffic circles or road humps? If anything it is more traffic engineering than science. It is correct to say that the design of circle or road humps do not follow traffic engineering standards than science.a