Untoward incident in Ward 35: Sandesh Swamy alleges conspiracy

Mysuru:  Alleging conspiracy in the untoward incident that took place near the Government Urdu School Booth at Kalyangiri (MCC Ward 35), former Mayor and BJP leader Sandesh Swamy has urged the authorities to take action against the culprits.

Addressing a press meet here yesterday, Sandesh Swamy said that miscreants who sought to divide communities on communal lines were behind the incident, in which a few BJP workers were assaulted by a group in a poll related act.

Maintaining that communities were living harmoniously in the area, Sandesh Swamy claimed that the acts of a few  miscreants was disturbing peace in the society.

Stating that there was not enough Police security near the booth, despite it being declared as a sensitive one, the BJP leader accused the authorities of intentionally setting up the booth at the congested Urdu School, when there were other educational institutions nearby.

Blaming NR Congress MLA Tanveer Sait for the incident, he alleged that officials worked at the mercy of Tanveer Sait who had done little for the development of the Constituency.

Urging the district administration to curb miscreants, he asked MLA Tanveer Sait to work for uniting communities, instead of dividing them.

BJP State Council member B. Anand too addressed the press meet. BJP leader Manju C.Gowda and others were present at the press meet.

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  • Just Rubbish.. why Tanveer Sait is to be blamed ? He should watch out before pointing his fingers to Tanveer Sait for no valid reason.
    Mysore people knows Sandesh Kandhaan very well, How honest they are making public ( Tourist ) Money. Lets not deny what CM Kumara Swamy told on the TV about this family.