Video shoot of classroom lectures!


An ingenious move is in the offing to video shoot for classroom transaction to assess the effectiveness of teaching by a committee of experts, followed by feedback to be given to improve one’s teaching skills ! I may freeze and even hate to play the role of an actor before a camera!

This seems to be the brain-wave of the Karnataka Higher Education Department to improve teaching standards.  Mercifully, I retired from teaching a quarter ago after a glorious innings of four decades.  Even though I was fumbling while teaching during the initial years I could later hone my skill of communication and clarification to suit the learning readiness of the bright, average and below average students.

Most of my students still recall the illustrations and anecdotes I had cited to my class.  Even if my Principal were to observe my class he/she would seek my prior consent to do so.  I never allowed any one to barge into my class without permission !

I can only sympathise the predicament of present day teaching faculty who would be subjected to this sort of surveillance contemplated by the Higher Education Department of Karnataka.

– Dr. S. Dandapani, Formerly, Professor of Education