Vote and Vote Right


The Urban Local Body elections are scheduled for Aug. 31 and the need of the hour is good leaders with intelligence and integrity.  It is unfortunate that good people are shying away from taking this responsibility. Moreso the young people.

The choice of candidates being made by established political parties is far from desirable. Winnability has become the only criteria and not the quality of the individual. This, combined with indifferent attitude of educated people, both criminal and undesirable elements are getting elected. And politics has become a lucrative business to amass wealth.

I hope the educated and well-informed people will take responsibility to come out and vote and vote to good individuals during the MCC elections. Remember, your vote to right people is the only hope to bring a change for the better.

– Ashvini Ranjan, Jayalakshmipuram, 28.8.2018

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