Bandipalya APMC Yard emanates unbearable stench

Mysuru: The sprawling APMC yard at Bandipalya on Mysuru-Nanjangud Road, is mired in several problems, with stench emanating from deteriorating wastes, unhygienic toilets, pot-holed roads, housefly menace and the like.

The APMC yard receives hundreds of lorry loads of vegetables, grains and other agricultural produces everyday from across the State and even neighbouring States such as Maharashtra.

With hundreds of people visiting the yard everyday, the inadequate infrastructure and unhygienic conditions at the market, pose a threat to the safety and health of the people.

The drainages in the APMC yard have been clogged by dumping of rotten vegetables and fruits and as such, whenever it rains heavily, the storm water flows on roads, causing a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians as well as vehicles.

As the APMC receives huge quantities of vegetables and other agricultural produces everyday, the yard has also gained notoriety for dumping of vegetable wastes and even roads in the premises are not spared.

The intermittent rains since the past one month, has only compounded the problem, with vegetable wastes getting rotten even more faster, emanating unbearable stench in the surroundings.

The only toilet in such a big market yard is not enough to meet the requirements of hundreds of people visiting everyday.

The toilet is poorly maintained and often the public are seen answering nature calls in the surroundings of the toilet, which has led to unbearable stench.

Also, some of the traders have made it a habit to segregate vegetable stocks on the roads itself, causing severe inconvenience to motorists and other vehicle users.

The stray cattle menace has added to the problems that the yard has been facing.