Chain Yoga at Palace: Over 8,000 students from educational institutions take part

Mysuru: There was no ‘Monday Blues,’ unlike yesterday for our ‘Men in Blues,’ as thousands of enthusiastic school children gathered in front of the magnificent Amba Vilas Palace here this morning, to create a Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest  Chain Yoga.’

Even as the drone camera started recording the ‘record-breaking’ attempt, the students from nearly 44 institutions numbering to more than 8,000, stretched their right leg to lock with the left leg of the student standing next to him/her.

What should have started at 10 am, began an hour late and by the time the students were in position in concentric circles, the clock was almost striking 12. The talim (rehearsal) began at 11.50 am and then two attempts were made, as part of the rules set by the Guinness World Record.

In all, four types of asanas — Veerabhadrasana, Thrikonsana, Veerabhadrasana2 and Prasantha Padottansasana were performed from 12 noon to 12.20 pm.

The results, however, will be known only after a week or ten days, of whether Mysuru has broken the record set by students in Sriperumbdur in Tamil Nadu with 3,854 students performing in 2014.


Addressing media after the event, Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep said, “We will get the result only after ten days. Nearly 44 institutions  with about 8,381 students participated in this record-breaking event. It will be a historic day and we are confident that we will break the record set by Tamil Nadu. Once the result is announced we will be distributing certificates to all the participants.”

University of Mysore Registrar D. Bharathi is the independent witness who will record the statement, which will be submitted to the Guinness World Record panel, he said.

Earlier, MP Pratap Simha also visited the venue and motivated the participants. The child prodigy and film maker Kishan, who is now a software entrepreneur, also came and encouraged the students to break the world record.

Patanjali Yoga Shikshana Samiti, yoga teacher Umesh said, “We are very happy that the students have gathered in such large numbers to create the record. Yoga is very important to maintain health. However, Bengaluru is trying to create a record in ‘Shirshasana’ and we must try to break that too.”

Chandini, a first PUC student said, “I am very happy with the collective effort that is being made to create the record. Yoga is an ancient Indian practise to keep the body and mind fit, which everyone should practise.”

Siddesh, seventh standard student of Pragati Vidya Kendra, Bogadi 2nd Stage, said, “Yoga is good for health. It should be encouraged to have a healthy society.”

Yoga feat: Students fall down

A few student standing in the hot sun, unable to cope up with the heat, fell down and were seen being carried away by the volunteers to the waiting ambulance. Two students who were sick also were among them.

They were sixth standard student Nitesh Kumar of Adhyayana School, Shaktinagar and seventh standard student Priyanka of Sadvidya School.

GSS Foundation’s Yoga teacher Raghunath guided the students through the asanas, while yoga champion H. Kushi and her team performed.