CM has breakfast at city hotel before hitting campaign trail

 Chief Minister Siddharamaiah is seen getting himself charged  with a heavy breakfast at city’s Ramya Hotel this morning along with his comrades to continue with his poll battle at Yelwal.

Mysuru:  Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, who was camping at a resort in Bandipur since a couple of days planning election strategies, arrived in the city this morning and drove straight to his Ramakrishnanagar residence. The CM later visited Ramya Mahendra Hotel near the RTO (West) Office in Lakshmipuram and had breakfast (2 idlis & a cup of tea).

Speaking to press persons near the Hotel, Siddharamaiah said that in the past, he used to frequently visit the Hotel which was earlier located behind MUDA office. But now, he is visiting the Hotel in the new location for the third time after becoming the Chief Minister, as he very much relished the taste of food dished out by the Hotel.

Coming back to politics, the CM said that he will be touring over 20 villages falling under Chamundeshwari constituency, from where he is going to contest the 2018 Assembly polls.

When asked about reports on the BJP fielding B.Y. Vijayendra, son of State BJP President B.S. Yeddyurappa, in Varuna where his (CM) son is all set to contest, Siddharamaiah merely said that in a democracy, anyone had the right to contest from anywhere.

Referring to Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde’s yet another controversial remark made in Mangaluru yesterday, the CM said he would not react to his (Hegde) remark as he was communal. Siddharamaiah said he was sure of his party’s victory in the May.12 Assembly polls.

Former MLA M. Satyanarayana, leaders Mavinahalli Siddegowda, Narasegowda, Bogadi Krishna Madegowda, Hinkal Channegowda, Advocate Gangdhar Gowda, Hanchya Ramegowda and others were present.

Heavy Police presence near Mylari Hotel

BJP President Amit Shah who was expected to have his breakfast at Mylari Hotel in Nazabad this morning, failed to visit the hotel. Anticipating Shah’s visit, a large number of Police personnel were deployed near Mylari Hotel as a security measure. But as Shah did not turn up, the Police disbursed from the spot and resumed their regular duty.

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  • See the words and statements from beloved matured CM and his integrity.
    "It is a democracy anyone had the right to contest from anywhere"
    He never speak about to demolish entire opposition, BJP mukth or JDS mukth karnataka like what others claim to do, he rightly said many times, "healthy opposition is must in democracy"

  • Now, every move of every politician is watched by EC watch dogs and media. Mr. CM is playing safe. Otherwise He has made many arrogant statements against opposition leaders earlier. He don't want to get into any controversial situations.

  • SOM do you not have better news to publish than the CM having breakfast? Wake up and do more mature reporting.

    • i think it has
      become a fashion to these news papers to report small issues to project those dirty politicians. i hope days will be there as well report cm did his urination at a common road side place ! and it is a big issue. please stop such naunce reports.

  • Don’t get fooled by bjp promises, it’s only for votes they are here close to you, once they get the votes they will be away from you, so better choose congress as they will always be there when they need you.
    Karnataka needs Kannadigas not the Amit’s and Modi’s

  • They will go away but they will leave looters and scammers here to loot state again like what they did in their last term.
    Just one example in hundred of cases:
    Gali Janardhan Reddy looted 35000 crore mining ore from our land and entire cabinet including CM supported him by transferring favorable officers from all departments to support this loot. A police constable son now owns a helicopter, Rolls Royce and huge properties across world.

    This is what BJP achieved and they have more to achieve if they are lucky again. Looting Mother land is Desh Bhakti of BJP ??