Cops chase cop to get quarters vacated

Mysuru: Here is a case of Police Department making desperate efforts to evict a Police Constable from his official quarters. The Police Constable, who has been dismissed from service following dereliction of duties, has refused to vacate the department quarters and the Police top brass have now directed their subordinate officers to forcibly vacate him from the house and submit an action-taken report.

The Police Constable in question is Prasanna Kumar – Armed Police Constable from City Armed Reserve Police – who was dismissed from service in 2015. When he was in service, he was allotted an official quarters (No. 201-202) at Hootagalli Government Housing Complex. A few months after he was dismissed, Prasanna Kumar was asked on 21.12.2016 to vacate the house.

However, despite the order, Prasanna Kumar continued to stay in the house. Several notices (dated 21.4.2017, 24.6.2017 and 2.9.2017) were issued to him and despite this, he refused to vacate the official quarters. Two reminders (4-12-2017 and 23-06-2018) were also sent.

As Prasanna Kumar refused to vacate the house, an eviction order was issued on 4.12.2017 under clause 30 (2) of the Karnataka Police Act 1963. In spite of this, Prasanna Kumar refused to move out of the house.

In the latest order (27.8.2018) issued by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) Dr. Vikram V. Amathe, who is also the Estate Officer for all Police properties in Mysuru, has issued a deadline and has directed the Vijayanagar Police Inspector to forcibly evict the dismissed cop from the quarters in case it is not vacated.

The Inspector has been asked to follow the procedure as mentioned in the Police Act and submit an action-taken report in that regard.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, City Police Commissioner Dr. A. Subramanyeswara Rao said that as the Estate Officer, DCP Vikram Amathe has followed the procedures and has issued a deadline.

“Prasanna Kumar has refused to vacate the house despite several notices and reminders. He must vacate the house immediately. If the Constable refuses to move out, the Vijayanagar Police will forcibly vacate the house,” he added.