Enforce traffic discipline at Rly. Station back gate


Subsequent to the news about parking issues leading to choking of the entrance-cum-exit road at the Railway Station rear terminal, the Traffic Police have swung into action as if to remedy the problem.

There is now a notification put up by the Traffic Police banning the entry of autos and taxis operating under the aegis of UBER, OLA and JUGNU. This ban applies right from the main KRS road at the entrance to Railway Museum. It must be noted that autos not registered under any of these agencies are kept out of this ban. Is this not discriminatory and done under pressure of auto union?

I apprehend that this will lead to considerable hardship to many passengers, especially ladies, children and the aged, who may engage  services of any of these agencies on phone and not allowed to enter the concourse on the back gate. It is a long walk from the main road to the concourse and if it happens to be raining or severe sun, the agonies may well be imagined.

Same situation will be faced by the passengers who arrive and have booked over phone an auto or taxi before reaching the Station. They will have to walk all the way from the concourse to the main road or the place where the vehicle is parked.

While it may seem ok to impose such a ban because the banned autos and taxis can provide the service from the main terminal side, it defeats the very purpose of opening the rear terminal  to reduce the congestion on the only available foot over-bridge and the hardships thereby. In such case, all such passengers have to necessarily alight at the main terminal and walk all the way to board trains starting from 6th or 5th Platform.

This ban, if not withdrawn or modified (to allow only pick up and drop), will lead to traffic jam on the main KRS road because all such autos and taxis will start unloading the passengers right in front of Rail Museum gate. Already a chaos is prevailing at the same spot because ill- planned verge created on this busy KRS road to allow vehicles to take right turn towards Akashvani Circle and entry of vehicles into the Railway Station road from the main road.

Hope the traffic authorities will ponder over the issues and arrive at a holistic solution of either expanding the area in front of the rear terminal or strictly enforce a traffic discipline to prevent any chaos.

– Prof. B.S.Shankara (retd.), R.K. Nagar, 20.8.2018

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