London’s new craze for the NUDE maid

Source: Naturist Cleaners

London-based company Naturist Cleaners, “one of UK’s leading naturist and nude cleaning service providers,” is currently looking for women willing to clean private houses wearing just slippers and cleaning gloves. Women “of all ages and sizes” can apply, and the job pays £45 ($57) an hour.

“The job will require doing a regular cleaning job  like dusting, watering plants, making beds and other household chores — minus the clothes. They also have to agree to a “no touching” policy and also not to photograph or film the nude cleaners as they perform their job.

Company founder Laura Smith says that she came up with the idea for Naturist Cleaners after a nudist client asked if he could be naked while she cleaned for him. She realised that there was a demand for nude cleaners from the nudist community and decided to take advantage of her discovery. “We started in London two years ago and it’s proved really popular she said.