Offering bed warming services for single men

A young woman from Moscow, Russia, has come up with an innovative way to supplement her income – charging single men a hefty fee for laying in their bed for an hour to warm it and fill it with her positive energy, thus guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

21-year-old Viktoria Ivachyova is a human be warmer for hire, charging a whopping 4,900 Russian rubles ($82) per night, or 1,02,700 per month to lay down on strangers’ beds and make sure it’s nice and warm when they turn in for the night. Believe it or not, she has already had 10 customers, and becoming more popular.

Viktoria Ivachyova‘s idea is even more bizarre, as her clients don’t even get to experience human touch. The young entrepreneur is very clear that beneficiaries can be in the room while she warms the bed, but there is to be no contact between them. To enforce these rules, she either carries a “panic button” or brings along some bodyguards, just to be sure.