Marble pavement around JC Wadiyar Circle damaged

Mysuru: A few of the marble paving slabs laid a few feet above the ground around the Jayachamaraja (JC) Wadiyar Circle have been broken as the tyres of the vehicles have been driven over it.

The marbles on the left side have been broken into pieces and it has to be immediately repaired. Otherwise the vehicles coming from Gun House and Lokaranjan Mahal side will run over the sides of the pavement damaging more marbles.

The Police also have to take strict action against drivers who drive rashly on this stretch. The earlier Hardinge Circle’s facade has itself changed after the installation of Jayachamaraja Wadiyar’s statue. The heritage style ‘gopuram’ on top of the statue is another major attraction. There is a specially erected place on one side for the citizens to sit and enjoy the view and relax.

However, due to the carelessness and callous attitude of a few, the beauty of the whole place is marred. The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) and the Police Department have to take the responsibility of preserving such places.

The owner of Someshwara Talkies in Bannur, Anil Kumar who noticed the broken marbles lying on the road, speaking to Star of Mysore, said that he was sad to see the way such historic monuments are preserved. He also felt that all the three statues of Jayachamaraja, Chamaraja and Krishnaraja Wadiyar must be enclosed in glass and special lighting put inside the dome which will reflect the statues beautifully in the night.

The glass enclosure will also help keep the statues clean from dust, smoke and bird droppings. It is very important to preserve such statues for posterity, he suggested.