Minister urged to revive Mysore Coffee Curing Co-operative Society in city

A file photo of the Society’s office building off KRS Road.

“Since the Society has cleared all its debts and is free from all liabilities, members want it to be revived.”

Ammathi (Kodagu): The Mysore Coffee Curing Co-operative Society (MCPCS) Hitarakshana Samiti President Mookonda Bose Devaiah has urged Co-operation Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi to revive the Society located along KRS Road, Mysuru, by cancelling its liquidation.

In a memorandum submitted to the Minister, Devaiah said that over 1,300 members from Kodagu, Mysuru, Hassan and Chikkamagalur districts had set up the Society in Mysuru in 1959. The Society, after collecting shares from its members, purchased 10.22 acres of land along KRS Road, Yadavagiri and set up a coffee curing unit and 20 godowns in the site.

But the Society started to suffer losses from 1995-96 when the Coffee Board allowed trading of coffee in open markets. Due to the Coffee Board’s change of policy, the Society could not compete with private players and started suffering losses, following which the Co-operation Department disbanded the Society’s Board of Management in 1997 and appointed an Administrative Officer. Later, the Society was liquidated in 1999 and subsequently a Liquidation Officer was appointed and by that time, the Society had a debt of Rs. 2.24 crore.

The Liquidation Officer on June 23 and July 25, 2007, disposed off 1.20 acre of the 10.22 acres of land owned by the Society and cleared all the debts of the Society. In this backdrop, the Society is now free from any debts, Devaiah said.

Continuing, he said that the Liquidation Officer attempted to dispose off the remaining landed property of the Society illegally by placing advertisements is newspapers on June 7, 2015.

But the Society members, strongly opposing the Liquidator’s move, moved the High Court and succeeded in getting stay for disposal of the Society’s land. Later, a General Body Meeting of the Society was held on Sept.1, 2015 in Mysuru which was presided over by the Liquidation Officer.

An unanimous resolution was passed at the meeting on reviving the Society. But as the Liquidation Officer has not taken any measures for reviving the Society, Devaiah has urged Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi to annul the Society’s liquidation and handover the Society to the members for reviving the Society.