Mysore Zoo to get four Zebras from Israel

Mysuru: Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, popularly known as the Mysore Zoo, is all set to receive four Zebras as gift from Ramat Gan Safari Park in Israel soon.

Zoo Executive Director K. Kamala Karikalan, speaking to Star of Mysore, said that following the death of two Zebras in 2015, she had written a letter to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), which has given its approval to  procure four Zebras (Three females and one male) and added that the Zoo is seeking the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Forests to complete the formalities for getting the Zebras.

She further said that the Zoo would apply for permit from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade for clearance once the Ministry of Environment and Forests issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

The Executive Director said that once all the formalities are completed, a team from the Mysore Zoo would leave for Israel to bring the animals and added that the transportation charges and travel expenses would be borne by the Zoo.

The Zoo may display the Zebras for public viewing from       July, as they will be put in quarantine for about two weeks after their arrival from Israel.  

Kamala Karikalan said that they would be procuring six Anacondas from Sri Lanka and the Zoo is waiting for clearance from Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

It may be recalled that the Zoo received four Zebras from Israel in 2014 and in 2015 two of them died of colic pain.