Pathetic state of sub-urban bus stand


I am a resident of Yadavagiri and my movement is restricted to Vontikoppal, Gokulam and such other places nearby. Today, I happened to visit the sub-urban bus stand and had to wait for sometime to pick up a relative visiting from Chennai. But I got very shocked on seeing the pitiable state of the roads and the area around the bus stand visited by thousands of people daily.

I had picturised Mysuru as a beautiful city but now I started feeling embarrassed. I request the authorities concerned to work towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of the bus stand. Here are a few suggestions:

1. In the car parking place, people spit and urinate. A public toilet with a few wash basins could be built.

2. More number of trash bins are to be placed in and around bus stand, especially in front of the shops.

3. The roads and footpaths are damaged and dirty. They require repair.

4. Display boards needed requesting public to maintain cleanliness. Our people are the main reason for dirtying the public places. They don’t understand that if they have a home for themselves, the public places are home to all of us. If maintenance is improved, then the public will hesitate to litter.

– S. Rajani Chakravarthy, Yadavagiri, 3.5.2023

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This post was published on May 5, 2023 6:55 pm