Human values lost in the rat race !


This has reference to the article “Rat race, is it worth it?” by N.K.A Ballal (SOM dated Aug. 23). Ballal has rightly touched the very root of our present education system at the cost of enjoying life. Academic parameters are the only benchmark to assess a child and in the rat race, human values are not considered.

During our generation, scoring 90+ marks was possible only in science subjects like maths, physics and chemistry.  It all started during this generation where scores of 90+ even in languages is possible! It is rightly mentioned in the article “Education is now a big business and slowly going beyond the reach of common man.”

Luckily for my children, I had the opportunity to select a school where the teachers were concerned about identifying skills in a child, without racing them. My wife, who was more concerned about all round development of our children, took a bold step and I supported her action. The teachers had the time and patience to identify these skills.

But now most of the schools are only concerned with their academic standards and forcibly frustrate children with all sorts of things, like home work, exams etc., even from standard 1 which was unheard during our days.

In a way, schools and parents start introducing tension in the mind of a child at the age of 5 with regular home work, the age is otherwise meant for more enjoyment and less study!

The other danger is comparing one child with the other with their marks. This creates hatred between children and this hatred develops gradually from tender age itself. In the process our children lose direction and purpose of life.

I think we have digested and accepted the way of life for these children and I am afraid, whether the present and future generation children get to know the meaning of Enjoying Life !

– Ashok Nayak, V.V. Mohalla, 24.8.2018

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