Old Horses + Young Stallions = VICTORY
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Old Horses + Young Stallions = VICTORY

December 15, 2018

On April 26th 2018, the Congress party sent their old horse to Madhya Pradesh (MP) to win. Not just win but destroy the 15-year reign of BJP in that State. That old Congress horse was Kamal Nath. Rahul Gandhi, speaking of Kamal Nath said, “He is not Kamal Nath but Kamal Naash,” literally meaning Lotus destroyer, an obvious reference to decimating the BJP’s hold on India’s central State.

Yes, the Congress won, but it did not destroy the Lotus as Rahul had hoped. It was more like the Lotus wilted, thanks partly to anti-incumbency. But the credit must go to Kamal Nath’s tactics, from starting a campaign called “Chalis din, Chalis sawal” – 40 days, 40 questions. He hurled one question after another for 40 days at the BJP and at the end of 40 days, the lotus party had not answered even a single question! People noticed this and on Election Day, they gave their ‘mann ki baat’.

Also, Kamal Nath even pulled a BJP strategy. He projected Congress as being a “Hindu” party; after all, he built a 101.8-foot Lord Hanuman statue near Chhindwara, his own constituency. He then famously wrote an open letter to Lord Shiva, seeking his blessings for the people to end the BJP’s ‘misrule’ in the State. He even promised to build cow shelters in the State’s 23,026 Gram Panchayats!

Now, Kamal Nath has been declared CM. But how did Kamal Nath, who is known more for his activities in Delhi rather than MP, end up being the CM of the State? How did a man, born in Uttar Pradesh, who is from a wealthy upper caste business family based in West Bengal end up being CM of MP, a State with significant SC/ST vote bank? Or did Kamal Nath just time it well?

Because BJP had ruled Madhya Pradesh for 15 years and just in December last year Kamal Nath had said in an interview, “In elections, there is a shelf life syndrome and people are increasingly going to try out new parties. People are always looking for a change.” So did he know that his time had come to sneak in and swoop on the CM chair?

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Apart from his knack to sniff opportunities like in 1987 when he got close to Rajiv Gandhi when V.P. Singh threatened Rajiv’s position, apart from his “doer” tag, apart from the fact that he has been an efficient representative for India in global trade negotiations, apart from his ability to raise funds for the party, he also has another important trait — he is a loyalist of the first family of Congress Party.

Kamal Nath entered politics through his friend and classmate, Sanjay Gandhi, uncle of his present party President Rahul. He stood by the country and free speech during Emergency, oh! Sorry… he stood by the Gandhi family during Emergency, as he himself said, “From the years 1977 to 1980, it was thought that Indira Gandhi would never return to power. We used to go to jail. When Indira Gandhi went to jail, Kamal Nath also went to jail. When Sanjay Gandhi went to jail, so did I,” And when you are loyal to the Gandhi family, there is always a reward.

And post-Emergency when it was time for elections, Kamal Nath, a man from Uttar Pradesh, and a friend of Sanjay Gandhi, was given the ticket to fight from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, despite opposition from the then local Congress (I) leaders. Indira Gandhi herself went to file his nomination and famously declared that Kamal Nath was her third son. He has never looked back after that.

The same goes for the new CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot. He has undoubtedly been a Gandhi family and party loyalist. When Kamal Nath won in 1980, in the neighbouring Rajasthan a young Youth Congress (I) leader Ashok Gehlot too won. In Punjab a 34-year-old Captain Amarinder Singh also won.

In fact, there were so many Sanjay Gandhi’s young friends in the Seventh Lok Sabha that the Opposition called them “Sanjay ke chokre” (Sanjay Gandhi’s boys). It was also called the most youthful Lok Sabha. Today, the batch of 1980 has reaped the benefit of loyalty. And herein lies the magic of the Gandhi family — a reward after a long loyalty test.

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If credit has to be given to Rahul Gandhi it has to be for managing to bring the old horses and the young stallions of his party to work together. And the Congress party has shown its young party leaders that if you are loyal to the party and not a threat to the Gandhi family, you will be rewarded like Ashok Gehlot, Kamal Nath and captain Amarinder Singh. And if you don’t, then you will be sidelined like Pranab Mukherjee no matter how competent you may be.

Also, Rahul Gandhi has not shunned his senior party leaders to an old age home called “Margadarshak Mandal”. Instead, he continues to use their experience, their connections and wisdom, while giving freedom to young and ambitious politicians like Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia to be the generals on the ground. While also letting them know that if they want to remain politically relevant and rewarded, they should not be a threat to him.

When Kamal Nath was elected in 1980 there was a slogan doing the rounds, “Indira Gandhi ke do haath, Sanjay Gandhi aur Kamal Nath”. Well, if you lend your ‘haath’ to the Gandhi family and the Congress party, they will make sure of your political vikas.

This move by Rahul Gandhi to make the senior leaders the CMs and the young leaders deputy CMs, will make the Congress youthful and wise. This will make them stronger and if not in 2019, they will surely reap rewards in 2024 as BJP continues to wallow in midlife crisis as the party is filling up with middle-aged leaders and seniors being relegated to insignificance.

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9 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Old Horses + Young Stallions = VICTORY”

  1. swamy says:

    Congress parties inefficiency and misdeeds will haunt for years to come. But if Rahul Gandhi can direct his CMs towards development like what Modi did in Gujarat, then Congress party has chance to shine in the future. Its past for the last 70 years has etched in People’s mind as looters and lethergic. Rahul has to shed that by providing good governance. Even in Karnataka they are already started looting in the name of Disney land, and such…

  2. syed matheen says:

    Dear Swamy,
    All congress ruled states are much much better than any other party ruled states since independence.
    For Example; Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa. (cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, cochin, Vizag,Nagpur, Pune, Amritsar, Mnagalore, panaji)
    Compare this states with Madhya pradesh, UP, Bihar, Guj.
    At least congress talk about progressive development rather indulging in cow, temple, beef , love jihad politics. This all 5 state’s people have given mandate against PM for his policies and dictatorship, the same voters had voted him in 2014 for his speech’s with some hope, now they have realized congress was better in controlling inflation in country than believing in absurd statement from PM anymore.
    one simple question was triple talaq important to country or Jan lok pal ?

  3. strangeworld says:

    Typical delusion from “matheen”. Jihad politics all over the world belong to one religious fanatic mob.. We know who they are!

    • syed matheen says:

      Dear strange world,
      I did not say anything about religion , but still you initiated about it let me explain you, like every BJP member have their own strategic ways to create hate and Hindutava for their gains like wise even Muslim leaders use Jihad for their gains like what you see in some region. Since we see most rapes from Swamiji’s now a days, but still we cannot say all swamiji’s are rapist.
      See the best people who are serving at the best to the best in society, in recent you can see Dr. Mohammed Rela, chennai, who is treating our beloved swamiji from Sutoor.
      Both are the best from their creed. So observe and learn from best people not worst

      • Azaad says:

        You talk rape by swamies so easily.Why you didn’t talk about fathers sexually harassing children.
        All MALE sexually harass FEMALE,irrespective of religion.HINDU CASES REPORTED PROMINENTLY,Christians grudgingly accepted & if you talk about Jihadis ,you will not be alive.Don’t test Patience of Hindus too much,because when meek become Wild,even GOD can’t help.

      • strangeworld says:

        @syed you used the word “jihad”, that slogan is universally used by one religious fanatics group who carried out 7/7 and 7/11 atrocities saying it was “jihad”.

  4. Rajiv says:

    Congress promised to offer Muslims free electricity to mosques and churches, special opportunities in government contracts for the Muslim youth, Rs 20 lakh aid to poor Muslim students, residential schools for Muslims, hospitals for minorities, special Urdu DSC (District Selection Committee) for minorities, and punishment to firms for hiring on the basis of religion. Also triple Talaq is hurting some Muslims!stealing temple money and funding Huj free trips only
    Congress can do! No wonder Matheens are unhappy with Congress !

  5. Samir says:

    It seems the people who looted us for 6 decades are winning!
    – I don’t know if BJP will come back in power or not! I am not sure
    Since Dalits are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Jats are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Marathas are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Farmers are being convinced that Modi is against them and
    Muslims are being convinced that Modi was always against them!
    Massive propaganda of Hate spreading through print, electronic and social media!

    All this will surely have some effect.
    – Many out of 1.4 billion of us are not well informed; some informed are idealistic; some informed are selfish; some informed are 18 year old and *haven’t really experienced old governments; some informed are too busy to get into quarrel; some informed don’t want to get labelled as Bhakt!

    MODI MAY FALL! *But, it will not be Modi who will actually fall* India will then FALL*

    Final tally will decide the PM candidate! There will be a dirty fight within the coalition for the chair of PM and important portfolios! There will be hard negotiations and dirty bargains for railway, coal, telecom and infra ministries, *not to make it better but to reap benefits out of it!* All the good work done by People like Piyush Goel, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar, Nirmala Sitharaman under able leadership of Modi will get directional deflection or break!

    There will still be communal tensions, *(It is the upbringing of this society for last 70 years; everyone has been painted and labelled and it’s bound to happen!)*. But they will not be ‘news’ anymore!
    *Dalits and Muslims will still remain backward* and a vote bank (It’s for both the communities to introspect, *why they are backward even after 70 years in spite of being a vote bank!)*, farmers may be gifted with loan waiver to make them bankrupt in another five years! People like Mr. Ravish Kumar will do another episode with black screen to appear intellectual of intellectuals! Critics will keep criticizing governments. *There will not be discipline, there will not be targets, there will not be follow up!* Ministers of different parties will behave like independent kings and will not be answerable to any authority! *Corruption will increase to crazy levels!* Meanwhile China is getting stronger everyday, it will snatch the title of super power from US very soon! Hence massive geopolitical challenges ahead! There might be a war over water in near future! We need to earn more money, strengthen ourselves, that’s the way to avoide the war! Trade wars! Russia’s empty pockets and China’s deep pockets!
    *Who is good enough to handle this situation for the good of 1.4 billion people!?* The great Rahul Gandhi? Psycho Arvind Kejriwal (Whom, I have worshiped like a god for a good three years!)? Fool Kanhaiyya or Prejudice Ravish Kumar?
    Dirty coalition will give ugly break to the present growth momentum. What will Dalit achieve out of this and what will Muslims get!? Will Maratha’s and jat’s get reservation!? Will farmers’ suicides be stopped? what is the reason farmers started committing suicide in first place? That day people will say, Modi was Good”. That will not repair the situation!

    Modi has been working on long term and concrete solutions for collective good! Everyone will be at benefit in long term, not realizing it and not keeping patience will take us further away from the dream ‘Antyoday’!

    Modi is a human and can not yield answer to chronic problems created over past 70 years in 4 years! Have practical expectation, understand the constraints and limitations of largest democracy and then pass the judgement on Modi! The job is not as easy as Kunal Kamra to make people laugh by saying “Hamere jawan seema pe lad rahein hain..” I have been following Defence Ministry since last 10 years very closely and this government has done phenomenal work, which normal public is not aware of! And *when cheap people like Kunal Kamra makes fun of the work done and send wrong message across, my blood boils….*

    All this will not lead to fall of Modi but fall of Republic of India! We will loose a leader who is strong, progressive, hard and smart working and doesn’t fear to take the right decision by worrying about vote banks! The same vicious cycle will continue which held us back from being great for so many years, inspite of having all the resources to become greatest of all!

    It’s the duty of every informed Dalit, Maratha, Jat and Muslim to inform people with the truth and explain the situation and consequences, else fall is sure!

    I am a Maratha by cast and I keep receiving msgs in family and community Whats App groups that Modi and his party is against our community and uninformed people fall for it! And I feel pity on the people who are doing this propaganda and people falling for it. As Voltaire said, *I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than 200 rats of my own species*

    Modi will be engraved in history as a glorified soldier who did everything he could do for good of his land! Alas! His own people couldn’t understand it!

    As Marcus Cicero said,
    “I have always been of the opinion, that *unpopularity, earned by doing what is right, is not unpopularity at all, but glory*”*

    We live in a quick fix society! Everyone is yelling where is the growth!? Where are the benefits of Demonetization, all the currency is back!? Where are the benefits of Swacch Bharat, my colony is still dirty!? Where are the benefits of Make In India, we still buy Chinese manufactured phone! Where are the 15 lakhs!?
    Poor souls! I hope they will come across the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree someday!

    I followed UPA1 & UPA2 very closely, read and educated myself a lot about India and it’s problems and what kind of mess India is, I learned about limitations and constraints created over past 70 years and when I saw Modiji handling this mess so well in the backdrop of a prejudice, hatred & criticism, *my respect for him has grown in multiple folds*!

    Modi has done amazing hard and smart work on so many fronts and I am so grateful to him for what he has done and achieved in past 4 years! Of course there are few mistakes, but can anything in this world ever be perfectly flawless!? For example, I never understood the ‘COW’ issue, but do we know what kind of pressure must be there on him from within the party!

    In a family or any small or big organisation, there will always be some people who we know are wrong and culprit for some mess, but we can’t help but to tolerate them at the cost of the unity of the family or at the cost of some bigger advantage in the case of organisation!

    One thing for sure, even critics will praise Modi someday, but it will be of no use then

    *I only hope that better sense prevails amongst Indian people & they Vote Modi back to power in 2019*


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