Power of Aadhaar card: Fake claimants of agri loan waiver exposed
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Power of Aadhaar card: Fake claimants of agri loan waiver exposed

December 28, 2018

The so-called ‘political intellectuals’ while dealing with matters concerning marginal farmers, labourers and the poor of the society should exhibit wisdom to protect the wealth of the nation so that the same could be appropriated to the poor and the needy as it happened in Karnataka loan waiver case. In my humble opinion, the present Aadhaar card is good for the country and also for the individual citizen. Aadhaar will act as a bulwark against the dishonest, corrupt and illegal immigrants also.

The prophetic words of Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith, the former Ambassador of America in India during the days of President John F. Kennedy, that the Indian Democracy was a functioning anarchy seems to be true even today after 55 years.

There is a Grand Old Party (GOP) Congress and the Nationalist Young Party (NYP) BJP which arraigned against each other alleging all kinds of political, economic and moral sins which this country has not seen before 2014 when BJP came to power. The blame for this cannot be laid at the doorsteps of BJP at all because as we have seen this blame-game began the moment BJP (NDA) won the 2014 elections with a vast majority.

The Congress (UPA) began to feel like a fish out of water without political power which it had enjoyed continuously for ten years prior to 2014. So began a multi-pronged acrimonious attack on BJP (NDA) and particularly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It began with the accusation of  intolerance and the consequent award-wapsi tamasha, gimmick, by those ‘intellectuals’ who were patronised by Congress with awards and positions.

Thereafter, it was a free-for-all. What happened at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and the cases of suicides in educational campuses, etc., only made things worse. Of course, BJP in its euphoria of newly-acquired power enabled the right extremists to behave like they are above the law. The lynching of minorities in the name of holy cow is abominable.

As time progressed, leading to next year’s Parliamentary elections, a tempo of mutual vicious accusation reached its crescendo when Rahul Gandhi said “This Chowkidar is a Chor,” referring to the purchase of Rafale fighter jets. Rahul Gandhi was alluding to Narendra Modi’s famous statement during the election campaign that he was a Chowkidar (watchman) of the country to protect it from looting by the Namdharis (inheritors), Gandhi family.  

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As a consequence, anything that is done in the interest of the nation by BJP (NDA) was opposed blindly and vehemently in a vengeful manner by  Congress (UPA). It is a case of putting the interest of the party above the interest of the nation.

For example, the Aadhaar card. It was conceived and introduced as an identity card for all citizens in India. It carries all their personal details. It would replace the multiple cards that were required earlier for an individual to deal with the government departments and even private institutions. The card holder is enrolled by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

When everything looked good, a big controversy erupted. A newspaper reported that anyone could get the Aadhaar card holder’s personal details on WhatsApp for as little as Rs. 500. Finally the matter went to Supreme Court which ruled that Aadhaar is mandatory for filing Income Tax Returns. It also said that in some other cases Aadhaar is not mandatory — for example, if you want to buy a new SIM card or for students who appear for exams. However, Supreme Court upheld the Aadhaar Act. But what if you want to avail benefits under Government Welfare Schemes…?

Now, a Congress politician and a Rajya Sabha Member has moved the Supreme Court for a review of its judgement upholding the passage of Aadhaar Act in the Parliament as a ‘Money Bill.’ Apparently, this Review petition is an attempt to enable people to get the government benefits without submitting Aadhaar card. But it is important to realise how the unscrupulous rich citizens could avail the benefits (when they are not entitled), if authentication by Aadhaar card is not required. Just one example.

In Karnataka, Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy’s Government, apparently apprehending foul play in getting the agriculture loan waiver, decided to link the Aadhaar card of the borrower to the agriculture loan waiver scheme. Lo and behold,  Kumaraswamy’s Government has saved Rs. 2,500 crore as a result. When the Government looked at the personal details of agriculture loan waiver benefit claimants from their Aadhaar card, it was found that wealthy people, Income Tax payers, big industrialists and even Government Officers were to get agriculture loan waiver benefit! They were borrowing money from Credit Co-operative Banks anticipating agricultural loan waiver scheme by the Government sometime in  the future. Imagine, but for the personal details the Aadhaar card provided these greedy rich people would have easily got away availing the loan waiver benefits; in a way, ‘legally cheating’ the government!

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It is to be understood that there is no social welfare scheme, including the loan waiver scheme, which is fool-proof. However, from the recent example in Karnataka mentioned above, it is clear that in the final reckoning Aadhaar card will benefit the country and the genuine borrowers.

The politician who filed the review petition with the plea on Aadhaar in the Supreme Court must ponder about the good the Aadhaar card would do to our citizens and the country unless he wants non-citizens and illegal immigrants to have access to Government subsidies, benefits and services. Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act requires authentication by Aadhaar card if beneficiaries want to access subsidies, benefits and services.

In matters where protecting the wealth of the nation and also the rights of the genuine claimants are concerned, pursuing political agenda and technicality is like counting the trees and missing the wood.

Rightly it is said of a purist- economist as one who knows the price of a thing but never its value.

In my humble opinion, the present Aadhaar card is good for the country and also for the patriotic citizen. Aadhaar will act as a bulwark against the dishonest, corrupt and illegal immigrants.

Jai Hind

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10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Power of Aadhaar card: Fake claimants of agri loan waiver exposed”

  1. Raju says:

    2 Lakh Muslim kids are missing after linking Adhar card of the students identity with Givernment grants provided was made mandatory! No wonder congress supporters hate the Aadhar card!
    The Uttarakhand government’s scholarship scheme for children from minority communities belonging to below-poverty-line (BPL) families has seen a curious trend of late. The scheme which is meant for students of classes I to X has seen a sharp decline in the number of beneficiaries in the past two years — so much so that over 88% are no longer enrolled in the scheme.
    Data accessed exclusively by A reouted news paper revealed that there were 2,21,800 students who were enrolled for the scheme in 2014-15, but in 2016-17 the number suddenly dipped to just 26,394. What accounts for the disappearance of almost 2 lakh students who were availing benefits of the scheme merely 2 years earlier?
    The scholarship amounts varied depending on the class the student was in. Students in classes I to V were entitled to around Rs 50 per month, those in classes VI to VII almost Rs 80 per month, while the scholarship amount was around Rs 120 for students of classes IX & X.
    There are various theories being circulated to explain the missing students. Since the “disappearance” happened after the minorities welfare department — which oversees the scheme — decided to digitise all its records from 2015-16 onwards, the prevailing theory is that digitisation of records busted the “massive corruption” that used to happen in the guise of the scholarship scheme.
    “The amount meant for students availing of the scholarship was paid to either the schools or madrassas where they were enrolled. After the records became digitised, details of the students were required to be uploaded online. This might have alarmed those indulging in wrong-doing. Consequently, we saw that many districts stopped coming forward to avail of the scheme. In fact, as many as six of the 13 districts reported in the last financial year that there were no takers for the scheme,” said a source in the minorities welfare department.
    It is not surprising that each and every scheme Modi implemented, it has hurt the crooks and the criminals on their income, may it be scam or gas agency corruption! Media also is also thriving on such loot have a reason to dislike! Rajiv Gandhi on his first term was clean and talked about cleansing the system!But he himself was saving in the ocean of corruption and his family was a huge part of it so, instead of trying to fix it, he blended in! Modi is hated because he can’t blend with corruption

  2. Ravi says:

    *Thanks to the book ADVISE AND DECENT of RBI Governor Y.V. Reddy*
    In the Shashan period of Congress, we had to pledge 47 tons of gold for just Rs 40 crore.
    This was the situation of the Indian economy.
    I remember the Indian economy had to see the day in the early nineties when a country like India had to deposit its gold in the World Bank.

    In the rule of Rajiv Gandhi, the country’s safe was empty. And then the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was done by the LTTE terrorists.
    Chandrasekhar then became the new new Prime Minister … The Tijori was empty. They got nervous What to do?
    Reddy writes that there was a frustrating atmosphere in the entire country. The Rajiv regime had not given any employment.
    New business is not a business … to enter a business, then to get NOC from fifty places.
    Unemployment and frustration all around the time of the license permit set by the Congress …..
    On the other hand, the battle of Mandal and Kandal was fought in the country ……
    From eighties to the nineties, *the Congress had put an end to the economy …* at that time the case of brokerage in Bofors guns came out …..
    In the book, Reddy writes that *the immense loot of the Gandhi family has brought the economy of the country to the abyss.*
    In his book, Reddy writes that in those days India’s foreign exchange reserves had so low that the Reserve Bank of India decided to mortgage its gold in the World Bank … the situation was that the country had only 15 Days were worth the money to import.
    Then by the order of the then Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, India pledged 47 tonnes of Gold to Bank of England …
    At that time an interesting incident and an embarrassment to the Indian public was reported … RBI had to pledge 47 tons of gold in the Bank of England. This was the time when mobile was not there and the land line used to be in limited quantity.
    It was such a bad situation for the Reserve Bank of New Delhi that 47 tonnes of gold from the building was to be delivered by a van on the New Delhi air port. From there, the gold was to be placed on the ship going to England.
    With 47 tonnes of gold, a very old RBI private van was sent with two security guards, on the way to air ports its two tires were reduced to halfway.
    As the tyre punctured, those two security guards surrounded the van filled with 47 tons of gold.
    After this great effort, 47 tons of gold reached England, and Britain gave loans to India Rs 40.05 crores.
    I gave an example of this sad incident related to the Indian economy, so that people will know that *the shameful leader of Congress, who accused Modi of financing the economy of the country, is that great Gandhi Because of the family’s odds, the country had to mortgage its gold only to get a loan of 40 crores.*
    What can be more shame and shame than for a country.
    I am extremely laughing, shocked and angry when people who mortgaged for the country for just Rs 40 crore say that Modi ruined India’s economy.
    *In the 70-year history of Hindustan, there are only 3 years in which Hindustan did not take loans of one rupee from World Bank.*
    *And they are three years.*
    *2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18*
    *And yes these three years come in the government of Chaaywala.*Yes

  3. syed matheen says:

    Our beloved Mr, KBG always forget to mention some crucial facts which will not serve his objectives.
    Yojana Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
    New Delhi, 28h January,2009
    No. A.03011/02/2009-Admn.l: In pursuance of Empowered Group of Ministers’
    fourth meeting, dated 4th November 2008, the Unique identification Authority of
    India (UlDAl) is hereby constituted and notified as an attached office under aegis of
    Planning Commission with following terms of reference and initial core staff
    composition :
    UIDAI shall be set up with an initial core team of 115 officials.
    Subas Pani.
    Secretary to the Government of India.
    UIDAI was created with the objective to issue Unique Identification numbers (UID), named as “Aadhaar”, to all residents of India that is (a) robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities, and (b) can be verified and authenticated in an easy, cost-effective way. The first UID number was issued on 29 September 2010 under UPA government to a resident of Nandurbar, Maharashtra.

    When the BJP was in Opposition, senior party leaders relentlessly targeted Aadhaar and dubbed it as a fraud scheme, asking questions about its security and authenticity
    Raising the red flag against the Congress-led UPA’s UIDAI bill, which aimed to give statutory backing to the Unique Identity scheme, the BJP did not allow the legislation to be passed in Parliament and walked out.

    • Rahul says:

      So, you were Ok if Congress implemented ADHAR and GST! But you hate it because BJP implemented it? So, you are not any less crooked than Congress and BJP. Or you did not like them implemented at all? At least it has stopped some Madarasas screwing our nation by enrolling some fake students and claiming the benefits! We can why some section of the society is angry!

      • syed matheen says:

        I am angry because fucking people have two dick heads. Either you should support or oppose not both. You Better get fucked from swami in any of the ashram they have built from black money.

        • Rahul says:

          Nobody is upset if you oppose both parties on a principle! You people are like camelions who can change based on how personally it is beneficial! That double standard I was pointing out. What we hate from you MFkers that you want OUR temple money to go to Haj on a free trip funded by public money, you want your Madarasas to cheat OUR government that could be spent of some deserving poor children from all religions, want to celebrate Tippu’s birthday to honour him for killing US, lecture us about how Saudi and Pakistani democracy is better than in and lecture us on freedom of speech simultaneously calling a popularly elected PM all nasty names that your breeding has taught you and Abuse Hindus and their religion! And you want to accuse us of deviding the nation while siding with Afzal guru!
          Now Hindus are realizing your true colors and you seem to be upset about that

          • syed matheen says:

            Good Hindu who follow true Hinduism are very secular, good at heart, believe in democracy and pluralism, where we meet and greet them daily from childhood and will do till our death, and those people elect secular forces like what saw in three states MP, Raj, Chattis, only 3 Muslim MlA’s won all rest of them are Hindhu’s who believe in Indian democracy and cores of people who voted to them are Hindu’s. Do not impose your chaddi ideology on Hindu’s, Hindu’s are good.

  4. Samir says:

    Aadhaar Exposed 5 Crore Ghost Accounts: Govt has captured fake 3.5 cr LPG connections & 1.6 cr bogus ration cards. Madarasas too are on the front line fleecing the government! So, all these people are furious that their illegitimate way of making money is destroyed ! That is a problem with india! The people who were cheated for their entire lifetime when somebody tries to fix the system, all the assholes gang up bark in a loud voice abusing the people who try to tell you the truth or fix it! Yes,aadhar database may not be 100% perfect yet, but good enough that it has exposed unscrupulous elements be it a Mnadarasa or a gas connection or a ration card! If somebody finds it wrong in tgeir case they can show the documents and get their record rectified! Surprisingly none of the people who howl on media don’t show their information to get it fixed! That indicates what they stand for!
    If BJP opposed As That then still Congress could have implemented it! They were not willing to implement because it would hurt their vote bank from Madarasas and their supporters! So, a token opposition from BJP was good enough to stop it! But on the contrary, BJP implemented it even when Congress opposed it! What does that say?

  5. A. Samuel says:

    First of all I am not an RSS member ! I am not even a Hindu !So, calling me a Cheddi does not hurt me! But I am a proud Indian to the core who served in the a of the disaster rescue units of the armed forces and had the opportunity to work with a RSS workers in multiple occasions! There are Hindus, muslims, Sikhs in RSS irrespective of the caste or creed and very disciplined group of volunteer. So, when I see some people who use them as punching bags and Abuse them and calling them Cheddis trying to brand them as separatist that too without any proof , that only shows how docile the average Hindus are! They seem to think it is tolerance! But, J can assure you, this kind of “Tolerance” has costed us our freedom especially when majority of manstrream media is sold out to foreign countries! These are some of the facts about RSS contrary to what is fabionble to say nowadays to look like an intellectuals! Opponents call them Cheddis, yes, they wear Cheddis, but that is only where the truth stops ! They are true patriots, they don’t discriminate and they try to stop any attempts by radicals be in islamists or naxalites or devisive political elements ! That 99is why they are hated by some people!
    What are the best things about the RSS?
    I might have quite a few ideological differences with RSS, and a few of the statements made by them are still too conservative.
    However, having said that, it would be foolish to ignore all of the good work RSS has done throughout the years. They have been involved in voluntary relief and rescue efforts in the aftermath of various natural disasters, across the length and breadth of the country, without any ulterior motives (like branding in case of AIADMK) and without any consideration of social, economic, or religious delineations.
    2001 Gujarat Earthquake:
    2006 Kashmir:
    2009 Floods in Andhra Pradesh:
    2013 Uttarakhand floods:
    2017 Kerala and Coorg flood disaster
    And the list goes on…
    Every national disaste they work hand in hand with many volunteer organizations yet some people accuse them for the reasons only best known to them only! Also, RSS volunteer are so desciplined they don’t even waste time to get to the arguments with these individuals !
    It is just very sad that the media pounces on every politically incorrect statement made by them but their contributions to helping the people of India are generally overlooked.
    They observe and demonstrate equality and inclusion and do not discriminate on the basis of caste or religion.
    The Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) is a Muslim organization in India and it is affiliated to the Hindu nationalist RSS. MRM was by nationalist Muslims and Hindus.
    Rashtriya Sikh Sangat was , on the Guruprakash Purab of Guru Nanak Ji and is an independent socio-cultural organization. The organization aims to promote Sikh-Hindu relations and to spread the knowledge of Gurbani to not only the Sikh masses of India, but also to the rest of Indian society.
    Sangh has also worked on empowering women via formation of a women’s wing of RSS. There are two kinds of RSS setups, one for males called the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Rastra Sevika Samiti for females.
    The RSS has endeavored hard to ensure caste divisions in India are removed and has advocated the training of Dalits and other backward classes as temple high priests. RSS aims to remove such division to ensure the society is untied to work for the overall development of India.
    If anybody has any specific complaints agaist RSS, we are free to lodge a police complaint or even a law suit instead of spreading Lies with ulterior motives! Simply badmouthing them to win an argument is abominable!

  6. Rajesh says:

    My father used to be in a transferable job and I studied in an RSS funded School in MP
    I will share my experience & routines when i was in school, you have the freedom to judge of your own.
    (It was from 1983 till 1995)
    Morning prayers are mandatory & it starts with a nationalist song, religious song (Hinduism) & end with national anthem.
    Special guests (RSS leaders) are invited to give speeches, I cannot remember anything they talked about anti-Anything All was about how to become a good man, how to become a good leader, how to contribute to wellness of others, how you can contribute to your society, how to make your country stronger. Of course it will end with a National Anthem & slogans like Vande Mataram !
    Respect teachers, respect parents, respect elders. The priorities which we learned was….. “1. Mother (MATA), 2. Father (PITA), 3. Teacher (GURU), 4. last is god (DEIVAM).
    Not even once I encountered a person in school who raised anti-x or anti-y talks, not even my teachers.
    There are other kids from other religions also study in our school, to the much of your surprise, they were never forced to attend the (Hindu) religious programs. I envy them, because they can walk around, play games and have fun.
    Frequent road shows are organized, we will be carrying placards and walking the streets to spread awareness (mostly about social causes – cleanliness, save trees, save girl child…..)
    Honestly, by then all i know is people worship gods of their own choice and it is their choice and liberty
    My neighbor was from other religion, i used to go frequently and play with their kids & they come to my home whenever they want. Many times we sleep together in the open terrace on summer (We don’t even know or heard about air conditioner at that time), watch and admire the sky. Neither my parents nor their parents don’t mind much about it. (We are best buddies till now & our kids are getting along nicely with each other).
    People who are enlightened by good education, will never even think against other religion or don’t even consider it as a topic to discuss !
    Everyone have their own space & everyone deserve their own way to lead their life.
    One or two bad mouths are always there everywhere, but it does not represent the totality of people.


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