Creating History in America
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Creating History in America

September 23, 2019

A rousing welcome to Prime Minister Modi at ‘Howdy Modi,’ Houston

History seems to mock at all those who wrongly believe that they are making history by their acts of intolerance and hatred towards political leaders who appeared daunting and a challenge to them. Watching the TV last night, I was astounded at the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accorded an unprecedented rousing welcome at the NRG Stadium in the ‘Howdy Modi’ event. The event gained great importance because of the unexpected participation by the President of America Donald Trump. No ordinary achievement this, both for the organisers of the event and also to the iconic personality of Narendra Modi himself. Probably, it is for the first time the President of America is seen participating in a non-official event in a manner any Head of the State in the world would envy.

As I watched the TV, I was mesmerised by the way the US President spoke. After Prime Minister Modi delivered an extraordinary and apt welcome speech in immaculate English inviting Trump to deliver his speech, what a speech it was from Donald Trump ! 

I remember two points he made that received great applause from the audience. One was when he said, as members of the oldest Democracy and also the largest Democracy of the world, America and India, he highly valued the three beautiful words in both the Constitutions, “We The People.” This observation of Trump is very significant. Every free-thinking human being who values life, liberty and fraternity, irrespective of gender, must understand that the Constitutions of these great Democracies are not the creation of a Dictator or a Dynasty or a Coterie or an Oligarchy but the creation of We The People of the country. 

Another point Trump underlined with vehemence and a sense of determination was when he said ‘the radical Islamic terrorism’ should be put an end globally, whatever it takes. There was a standing ovation and long drawn-out applause from the audience. It is, therefore, not surprising Prime Minister Modi during the course of his speech asked the audience to give a standing ovation to Trump for his support and love for India.

As I watched the proceedings, my thoughts went back to the days when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and had to face his first challenge by the Lutyens’ Club members soon after the Gujarat riots provoked by those who burnt the Railway compartment at Godhra with women and children returning from Ayodhya. Poor Modi was just about one-and-a-half years into his Chief Ministerial position. But, all the same, within 24 hours he had asked for the Army assistance to quell the riots where both Muslims and Hindus were killed. However, the then UPA Government and Lutyens’ Club projected Modi in a bad light and the so-called liberal academicians both in India and America wrote to American administration against giving Visa to Modi to visit the country. Surprisingly, Modi was not given Visa. What a paradox, now Modi is the most venerable and honoured guest of America where he can visit any time and even given special honour by the President of America                   personally. 

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The Indian Diaspora in America, who attended the ‘Howdy Modi’ event was interestingly bipartisan, which means it included Democrat and Republican supporters. 

For the event, Modi arrived on time, but Donald Trump arrived one hour late. It was not deliberate or on purpose. It appears while he was flying to Houston, he was advised to make a stop on the way at a place where recently heavy rains and typhoon had devastated the region. No wonder Trump in his speech at the event made a reference to his visit promising all help and support to the victims of the natural disaster. He had to show his human face, like our politicians ! Otherwise, Democrats (like our Congress) would say, “Look he had time for the ‘fun event’ but not for ‘human suffering’.” Let it be.

The Democrats in America, however, seem to be like the Congress Party and UPA in our country. Having arrived on time, Narendra Modi allowed the Democratic Leader and Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to speak first as he was waiting for Trump’s arrival. The Democratic Leader smartly utilised the opportunity to talk about both Mahatma Gandhi and the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. About Nehru he did not fail to describe him as a visionary who gave India Secular Democracy and safeguarded the pluralism and human rights. Sounded like Congress Agent!

Be that as it may, Narendra Modi, even by a slip of the tongue or leap of memory, did not mention neither Nehru nor Gandhiji nor anyone who ruled us in the past before 2014 and merely spoke about  the present and future of the country. Of course, the greatest achievement of Modi’s first 100 days of his second term is undoubtedly the most challenging and historic decision of abrogating, or to use Modi’s exact words, of giving ‘farewell’ to the much- despised, the most sinister and  discriminatory Article 370 of the Constitution. There was such a great euphoria among the audience in the crowded stadium, the whistling, screaming and applause reverberated through the stadium with the audience spontaneously giving a standing ovation to what Modi had said. 

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However, I greatly appreciated Modi when he asked the question, “Who was responsible for this? Certainly not Modi.” Then, after a pause, he said, “it is the Members of the Upper House and Lower House of our Parliament who gave the farewell to Article 370 by two-third majority.” With great presence of mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised both his hands and requested the audience to give a standing ovation to the Parliamentarians of India. Once again this produced thunderous applause as the audience responded. 

Like a nebula over the event, the Democratic Presidential candidate for 2020 American Presidential elections, Bernie Sanders had published an article in the Houston Chronicle criticising ‘Howdy Modi’ event because of the silence in India in the matter of human rights violations! Was he a Spokesperson of UPA? However, as a sort of sop, he also criticised Pakistan for playing bad role in Kashmir. 

A number of minority groups of Indian origin like Gujarati Bohra Muslim community, Sikh community, ethnic Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits met Narendra Modi ahead of the event. Now that the pernicious Article 370 is consigned to the dustbin of Indian history, the Kashmiri Pandits, who were uprooted from Kashmir Valley by local militants, appealed to the Prime Minister to repatriate and rehabilitate them in their old home and hearth.

All said and done, Narendra Modi’s American Show has undoubtedly turned out to be India’s Greatest Show on Earth.

Jai Hind !  

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13 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Creating History in America”

  1. Haran says:

    your editorial(23.9.19) is an exact representation of any Indian’s honest feelings. The way it is so inspiring shows how very much you are with the soul of India. those who have not watched the event directly are sure to get the real gist of the historic aspect of that great function through your editorial.

  2. strangeworld says:

    Every Western political leader wants minority votes. A few years ago, a much bigger crowd in Wembley, London, hailed Modi with David Cameron, the British PM. That was to garner Indian diaspora votes in Britain. 2020 is election year for US and Trump wants every minority caucus votes. The Latinos vote Democrat and for Trump this needs off-setting. Thar simple. Do not read too much into this.

  3. strangeworld says:

    Should be : ” votes of minorities”

  4. Manava says:

    This author Ganapathy should do his research well, as there is a big factual inaccuracy, that is calling Steny Hoyer, the Democrat as the Senate Majority leader without checking whether Democrats are in majority in the US Senate. Democrats are in minority there. Only in the House of Representatives, Democrats are in majority and Steny Hoyer is a majority leader there. Having corrected that major error, it is fallacy to assume that Democrats support Congress Party. Historically Democrat administration has been supportive of India from JFK down to his successor Democrat presidents. Hence, there are more registered democrats of Indian origin in the US. It is not correct to assume that Trump is really a Republican-he is not a traditional Republican in George Bush mould, although he stood.
    in Republican ticket
    As a poster said above, with the growing number of minorities of Indian origin in all Western countries, politicians woo them for votes as their votes can make difference in any tight race. It is folly to read too much into such rallies, as Trump administration does wnat to curb immigration and Indians are no exception here. For any trade negotiations to succeed. the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives has to give green signal, as the President can only propose, but the House of Representatives have to vote.
    A good dose of realism is required. Do not get carried away. American politics is too complex.

  5. strangeworld says:

    Nehru was a colossus, who sacrificed his wealth and comfortable living to fight for independence. His book: ” Discovery of India”which he wrote in jail shows his grasp about India and his passion for the country. He was well respected international leaders, even by the likes of Churchill, when he attended as the PM the first Commonwealth Conference. Admired by JFK as a role model. It is time to recognise him as the most important national leader next to Mahatma Gandhi. It is silly and frivolous to comment on him the way this author does, which shows his gross ignorance of Nehru’s contribution . Yes, he had his negative achievements- who has not? I never voted for Congress and these days do not live in India. But what Steny Hoyer said is what the world outside India considers Gandhi and Nehru.

    The author in an article admired Abraham Lincoln as a great man, but forgot conveniently that Lincoln kept slaves. Lincoln’s dialogue with Brigham Young, the leader of Mormons, shows how duplicitous he was.
    This author needs a better analytical approach than simply gushing over what Trump did, which he did not do with admiration but knew that he needs the votes for minorities like Indian-Americans, who traditionally vote Democrat. The presidential election is due in 2020 Like the poster above said, Trump is not the traditional Republican, and hence does not represent his party. In fact, George Bush a traditional Republican , voted for Hilary Clinton in the last presidential race. That is his words, not mine.
    The acid test has been what the US does when the Kashmir question comes back again in the UN, as removing Article 370 does nothing to solve this problem , and the UN security Council members do not recognise this change, and J and K remains a disputed territory. US will not use its veto to help India, just as Soviet did. India is not a NATO member , and no necessity to help it in this dispute. Best for Modi, not to be swayed by this Drama ( Americans always praise-ever Indian who studies and lives in America knows, and that means nothing; that is their approach. They use the word: ” great” so often and which means nothing! ), and cultivate Putin as Russia has been a steadfast friend over 6 decades.
    Modi is no Nehru. Just a political pygmy internationally, unlike Nehru, who was respected by all world leaders in his time; India is not a superpower like China. He has no political influence internationally. Unlike China, India has nothing to contribute,, except, wherever he goes in the English-speaking world, he demands more visas for Indian IT techies. Every world leader knows. That is the reality.

  6. Vipra says:

    Your editorial takes sychophancy to a new level
    What a sad day

  7. Murali says:

    If People believe Nehru sacrifices a lot for the nation, they do because of propaganda! Here is the truth as raw as it can get!
    For those who believe Indrani’s case is complicated.

    Moti Lal Nehru family?

    Motilal Nehru had one real wife and 4 other illegal wives.

    (1) Mrs Swaroop Rani (married wife) had two children with her.
    (2) Thussu Rahman Bai – already had 2 children from her previous marriage to Mubarak Ali (employer of Motilal Nehru)
    (3) Mrs. Manjari – had a child named Mehar Ali Shokhta (Arya Samaj leader).
    (4) Iran’s Whore – had a child named Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
    (5) Maid (Cook) – produced a child named Sheikh Abdullah (Kashmir Chief Minister).

    (1) Mrs Swaroop Rani (married wife), produced 2 children
    a. Mrs Krisna wife of Mr Jaisukh Lal Hathi (Governor)
    b. Mrs Vijaylaxmi Pandit wife of Mr R. S. Pandit (High Commissioner of USSR). Earlier in life Vijaylaxmi eloped with her half brother Syed Hussain and had a daughter named Chandralekha who was adopted by Mr Pandit.
    (2) Thussu Rahman Bai (ex wife of Motilal’s employer Mubarak Ali who died in mysterious circumstances) had 2 children
    a. Jawaharlal Nehru (Mubarak Ali was the real father). Moti inherited his wealth, business and kept his wife and children like a true Muslim)
    b. Syed Hussein.
    Jawaharlal marriage with Kamla Kaul never consummated as Kamla was Kashmiri Pandit and Nehru hated Hindu’s and only considered Muslim or English woman to be worth his appetite however he had changed this conception later on in his life as he had affairs with several hindu woman. Mrs Kamla Nehru was left leading a life of a maid in the house so his brother Manzoor Ali kept Kamla Nehru the company and was able to produce a daughter named Indira Pridarshini Nehru.
    Nehru didn’t really like Indira but because she was legally his daughter he had to support her in politics. Although she could not do much whilst Nehru was alive but managed to get up the ladder as a throne apparent. She tricked Shastri to go to Tashkant for conciliation meeting with Yahya Khan of Pakistan where she managed to get Shastri ji poisoned and was declared dead. No autopsy or post mortem was conducted and it was reported that Shastriji had a cardiac arrest. Indira hoped on to the PM Chair quick as a buzz.
    Indira Priyadarshini Nehru alias Mamuna Begum Khan-w / o Jehngir Feroz Khan (Persian Muslims), who later changed his name to Gandhi on advice of Mohandas K Gandhi.

    Two sons Rajiv Khan (father Feroze Jehngir Khan) and Sanjeev Khan (father Mohammad Yunus, name later changed to Sanjay Gandhi), the third child of M. O. Mathai (PA of Jawaharlal) has aborted as she feared the child might turn our dark.

    (3) Mrs. Manjari – had a son
    Mr. Mehr Ali Shokta (Arya Samaj leader).

    (4) From a Iranian Whore – produced a son
    Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    (5) From Housekeeping (cook) produced
    Sheikh Abdullah (Kashmir Chief Minister).
    Sheikh Abdullah son is Farooq Abdullah ex CM Kashmir
    Farooq’s son Omar Abdullah

    Nehru divided India into 3 parts:
    – India (for Indira),
    – Pakistan (for his half-brother Jinnah) and
    – Kashmir (for his half-brother, Sheikh Abdullah)

    Now this is called strategic planning and placement. Nehru’s mind was brilliant!
    His step father Motilal Nehru, and his step grand father father Ghiyasuddin Ghazi’s of Jamuna canal (Nhr) who fled Delhi after Mutiny of 1857 and went to Kashmir. There he decided to change his name to Gangadhar Nehru (Nhr became Nehru) and put Pandit in front of the name to give people no chance to even ask his caste. With a cap (topi) on his head Pandit Gangadhar Nehru moved to Allahabad. His son Motilal completed a degree in Law and started working for a Law firm. His employer Mubarak Ali died in mysterious circumstances so Moti grabbed the opportunity of marrying his widow who came with a lot of wealth and 2 sons (Jawaharlal and Syed Hussain).

    Just imagine we have had 3 three prime ministers from one family and the fourth Rahul is in the making!

    Sincerely – from the Biography of MO Mathai (Jawaharlal Nehru’s personal assistant).

  8. M A Khan says:

    The writer should take a balanced view. He fails to recognise the fact that we couldn’t manage to close the trade deal. Trump is a businessman and he balanced both India and Pak and played up the card of mediating more than once now. We now wait for our NRI’s to return home and invest in India so that our gdp improves.

  9. Haran says:

    Article 370 was abrogated with an aim of establishing peace and prosperity in the Valley.Now we are standing on a pinpoint where no other information of any sort will help. We have no option but to stand firmly with the government of India and support it in our own way.I again commend the editor for he has visualized the motif and has raised to the occasion.

  10. Strangeworld says:

    @Murali Madness-filled rant! You need help.
    @Haran Removing Article 370 does nothing to the fact that the UN considers J and K as a disputed territory. Your observation: “Now we are standing on a pinpoint where no other information of any sort will help” means what? You are confused and deluded. What Modi has done for his political future has caused Imran Khan to threaten war.Not a good consequence, of a leader like Modi,who should know better. There are other pressing issues like economy. But Modi is a footloose goose wandering into a country like America, ignorant of the fact that American presidents since the days of Eisenhower, never supported India, and what Trump the clever businessman first and a dubious Republican next, did is to garner Indian-American votes wherever possible, not much compared to Irish-American,Italian-American and Jewish-American caucuses votes and like a typical American praised in front and will severely comment at the back.

  11. Haran says:

    Honestly.It is helping. May we start sharing our ideas for a peaceful Kashmir?

  12. Murali says:

    @Strangeworld you must be mentally retarded to believe that What Nehru wrote in his book was the absolute truth while his personal assistant writes a lie If Osama wrote a book he would have written that he is epitome of virtues and a messenger of peace, while every other religion is evil, DO you Moron think that Nehru would have written that he was bangimg many women across all castes And contracted syphilis? What I mentioned was the other side of Nehru as seem my a close aide if Vadra writes a book he will we depicted as Sathya harischandra and Rahul will be an Einstein! If that was true, we would not have witnessed so many scams! Nehru had the advantage! For 17 years he could tell his version that all the simple people believed him!
    If Nehru was so good, we would not be in this mess with Kashmir, China and Pakistan! When somebody tries to untangle it all the A$$ H0les united have a serious problem that they can’t loot any more!

  13. Ajith Menon says:

    Contrary to what the dynasty boot lickers wants us to believe, Nehru was too weak of a PM. He was a womanizer who was unfit for the challenging job! British could control him even after independence! His affair with lady Mountmatten was a well known scandal that many people did not want to talk in public for the fear of retaliation!
    Patel was far more suitable for the job of a PM! but Nehru was jealous of Patel British recognized this and encouraged Nehru to make sure India fails! His policies even now haunting India. What is worse is his descendents are corrupt. We got ruled by an Italian barmaid and a educated but dumb PM for a decade where the dynasty looted the nation under the supervision of a brand get economist !
    For those who still want to praise and worship Nehru based on his own writing about how great he was, here is a dose of reality
    1. Sultan of Oman “Said-bin_taimur” offered port of Gwadar as a gift to India in 1950, but Nehru declined the gift. Later sultan sold it to Pak. Now Pak has given it to China which is used to keep spying and survilence around Persian gulf, centre, and South Asia and check Indian growth
    2. PM Nehru refused to accept kalat《Baloochistan) to merge with India after the king of balooch Ahmed Balooch in 1947.. Later Pak forcefully invaded Baloochistan and occupied in 1948
    3. In 1962 was China attacked north east India and killed over 50000 people . PM Nehru had the audacity to ignore that in aggression and said, not even a blade of grass grows in that barren land, so did not care Later, ULFA BODO nd other groups of North East It did did not want to stay with India as they did it protect them from massacre by the Chinese army.
    4. Nehru gifted the COCO island(Google map q4.13858593.368422) to Burma. Burma gifted it to China to spy on India. China has an airstrip and spy station there working against our nation.
    5. PM Nehru had agreed to give our Hyderabad to Pak, but sardar Patel failed that bid by a planning operation polo -also called Hyderabad Mukhthi Sanghram against Nehru wishes and surrender the NIZAM to India Nehru was very angry at Patel for this move.
    6. USA offered UN permanent seat in 1950, Nehru refused to accept it. Again Russia offered India a perm and seat in UN security council which Nehru refused it again in 1955. And he ensured that China will get that seat. Today, China is blocking every move from India in getting any UN membership.
    7. In 1947, after independence Nepal PM matrika Prasad koirala conveyed his desire to join India, but our PM Nehru rejected the offer
    8. PM nehru gifted the kabo valley Manipu 12000 square km to burma. Now Burma is supporting China
    9. Kashmir issue is the glaring example of his shortsightedness and incompetence. He believed that PAk and Chinese are friends and UN was a fair body! That was the grandest of his illusions and we are suffering every single day because of it!
    10. He was called chacha Nehru by the Indian kids, but it reality he is more of a chacha to Chinese and paki children as more kids have died or destroyed due to paki terrorism!
    As some British newspapers remarked, India never got independence in 1947 and Nehru was the last viceroy who was Indian by Birth. His every dicision was just to please pak or China. Yet Chinese did not support him! It was an one sided love affair! Today, all his failures are coming back to haunt us.
    Nehru hated the nationalists like Patel and Bose and hell bent on pleasing the Muslims and the British that he played so many dirty tricks!
    But the times were favorable, Gandhi was too idealistic to understand the con games of Nehru and media and textbooks praised Nehru and built the grand patriotic image that he never was!
    This day, we see Rahul carrying his DNA and sending emissaries to Pakistan to overthrow Modi !
    Similarly they Rahul and congress trying very hard to make deals with China to bring down the BJP government even during the Doklam crisis. BJP is highly nationalistic and Rahul and his friends can’t tolerate! Just like Nehru could not tolerate Patel and Bose, his great grandson cont tolerate Modi!
    Now, George being a great fan of Nehru has to condemn every move by Modi! No surprise in that! You can watch Modi hatred in every one of his articles! He can’t make us believe that no problems that all problems were because of bjp! All the problems congress created are coming to light under bjp! The truth is now exposed!
    But, if truth be told, congress is the root cause of all the problems India is facing! Especially the Nehru clan!
    Even Rajiv had his share in the Srilanka crisis that he sent Indian army (IPKF) to kill Indians in Srilanka! Congress controlled media always presented their version of the truth! Congress should not have been allowed to continue, but media was under the grip and truth was never told!


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