Awareness created on Swadeshi apps: Tributes paid to Galwan Valley martyrs
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Awareness created on Swadeshi apps: Tributes paid to Galwan Valley martyrs

June 19, 2020

RJ Avinash of 92.7 Big FM paid respects to soldiers who have been martyred during the violent face-off with the Chinese troops in Galwan Valley  in eastern Ladakh on Monday night, at a programme held in front of Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple yesterday.

On the occasion, awareness was created about Chinese apps and Indian apps; Also, people were asked to use only Swadeshi apps. Suma Rajkumar, Aryan of Gandhadagudi Foundation and Dr. Renuka Prasad were present on the occasion.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Modiji is heading this nation in to a dangerous path! Taking on Pakistan was itself difficult! Now we have added China and Nepal to our list! Nobody is listening to the sane voices of Rahul whose party has experience of running the nation peacefully for 6 decades! Boycotting Chinese products? That may be suicidal with Make in India failure!

  2. Hello, hello! says:

    How about reading this, article in Deccan Herald by Professor Bharat Karnad, a very respectable security expert known all over the word:
    Is PM Narendra Modi ceding Indian territory to China? (https:/
    In these days of satellite images, which were obtained by newspapers in the West, they show China has taken Galwan Valley.
    How do these soldiers die? Except in India, newspapers in the world showed photographs of Nail-spiked clubs used on these poor soldiers by Chinese, while these soldiers had nothing to fight.
    Why your dear Modiji keeping quietnot saying anything in public as to why he gave away the land to Chinese?
    Your dear Modiji has been a close friend of Xi Jinping, the Chinese president visiting him many times, meeting him more times than he met the world leaders taken together.
    in 1962, when China took the territory, Vajpayee in a big rally in Mysuru, ridiculed Nehru for his friendship with Zhou En Lai. The table has turned now. Who is going to ridicule your dear Modiji?
    By the way, Chinese material is used in the bullet proof vest worn by Indian soldiers!
    Read this too:
    India saved money by buying cheap from China. Now, India has to fork out more and more US Dollars, to buy similar items which costs so much more.
    Looking at the satellite images, it is clear China was planning this for a long time. Reports were produced in the Western media. Still your dear Modiji did not know or did not tell his people.
    Why does he not come out like any other leader in the world, and address the press? What is there to hide?
    India has added Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka and ofcourse Pakistan. Wonderful achievement by your dear Modiji!!

  3. Hello, hello! says:


  4. CommonMan says:

    @Concerned Citizen, you make a lot of sense! BJP does not have any development since 2014 and flagging Nationalist sentiments!As our ex CM Kumaraswamy said, poor youth whose family cant afford 2 meal per day join army out of desperation die like this! So sad! Was this fight really necessary? Did Manmohan Singh’s rule did not have China as our neighbor?

  5. Kishore says:

    Let us hope that Congress gets the majority and Rahul becomes the PM to sort out all these issues! Too much of dramatic stressful events! Cant wait to get back to pre-2013 era!

  6. Hello, hello! says:

    If these protestors have iPhones, certainly people like Nadda, the BJP secretary, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the justice minister and Athawale,another minister and to day even the retired Army chief VK Singh, now the transport minister, thundered to boycott China made goods.
    I am sure the above fools have iPhones: Where is it manufactured? They should ask Apple, the US company. While they ask,they should also mention Apple Macs the laptops too!
    If dear Modiji is using Apple iPad, in a photograph, I may have seen it, where is Apple iPad manufactured?

  7. Hello, hello! says:

    @CommonMan @Kishore
    Although, I do not live in India for some years, I know, very well from my experience how the youth join the Indian army. @Kishore You are right, these young men join the army to escape poverty and hunger. That poor Colonel from Teliangana leaves behind a young window in her thirties, and two young kids, who do not have the father. These brave soldiers died due to wounds inflicted by nail-studded clubs wielded by Chinese, where as they fought with hands and stones. No clear engagement instructions were given, it appears. Their bodies were mutilated. A gruesome death. Yet Modi and his ministers have not accepted their responsibilities.
    It is clear that there were many incursion attempts by China, probably because Modi failed to come to an agreement with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president about Galwan valley and the LAC . He should have addressed the nation telling people about this, BEFORE this clash, which was not a surprise at all. China was building up for weeks.
    I remember in 1962, as a student in Mysuru, went to attend a JanSangh rally where Atal Behari Vajpayee, was shouting ridiculing Nehru saying how Nehu was duped by Chou En Lai, and if JanSangh was the government, they would have taught lessons to China.
    India liberated East Pakistan and Bangladesh was born. We were paying Bangla tax on a variety of items to help to fight to liberate this place. Now Bangladesh has joined China camp, because their protests about the CAA laws which hurt their people, was not listened to by Amit Shah.
    Chinese good s are purchased at a discount by Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. All of them are in China camp.
    If Chinese goods are boycotted, which is fine, but where their replacements come from?
    As I said above, you will still nhave people like Nadda, and BJP ministers using happily the China produced Apple iPhones!

  8. Hello, hello! says:

    The Indian Express this morning reports how these 20 soldiers died:
    The above information was know by us days ago, as the Western media gave details soon after the clash.

  9. Sam says:

    If somebody is using Indian news media as gold standard, they must be aware of these bias! When Army says nobody was captured or released, NDTV, Indian express, Deccan herald and Indian express say 10 Indian soldiers were captured and released after treating them! Try to project Chinese as the nice Hosts! SO, As per then, INDIAN ARMY are not truthful!!! and Eventhough some media publish this unverified news, they continue to publish this fake news! It is mysterious, even Chinese official mouthpiece Global times did not publish this!! So, you must guess who started this news!
    The telegraph – die hard Congress supporters + Anti BJP + Anti Hinduism.

    Times of India – sometimes supports BJP .

    The Hindu – tries to be independent but fake news are often spreaded by this newspaper.

    Zee News – Nationalist + BJP supporter

    Aaj Tak/ India Today – Congress supporters + every body knows that Rajdeep Sardesai is an Anti BJP journalist.

    ABP News – 98% independent. But sometimes supports BJP.

    The Wire – I must say Anti-National. Don’t believe them guys. They are PAKISTAN supporters.

    The Tribune – leaned towards Congress.

    Hindustan Times – independent to a large extent.

    The Republic TV – Nationalist sentiments + Independent

    Times Now – slightly leaned towards Congress.

    NDTV – I must say guys Terrorist supporters + Pakistan supporters + Arab funded + Anti BJP

    Prabhat Khabar – pro BJP supporters

    Danik Bhaskar – BJP supporters

    BBC – Biased and jealous of India’s Developments.

    Newyork Times – Anti India + jealous

    The Indian Express – Congress supporters

    WION – Independent to a large extent.

  10. What a culture! says:

    Forget about the clap trap of the long rant of newspapers bias.
    Dear PM Modiji says there was no China intrusion. China agrees with Modiji. It says it did not intrude.
    Hence, Dear PM Modiji is happy celebrating International Yoga day. He is shown sitting on a parapet doing ‘pranayam’, and is explaining how it can help to ease Corona virus effects. At the time, Dear PM Modiji is doing ‘pranayam,for world peace, reminding Swami Vivekananda sitting on the Kanyakumari rock meditating for world peace in 1892, the grief-stricken relatives of those brave 20 soldiers, who fought with bare hands, are carrying out the funerals.
    Looking at the meditating Dear Leader Modiji, the faithful disciple, Nadda, the BJP secretary says loudly, that his Leader is no ordinary Leader but Lord Modiji, just like Lord Ram !
    Again meanwhile, these Mysoreans are throwing away Chinese products like apps on their phones! No one asked them why did they download those Chinese apps, and used them all these months or even years.
    BJP secretary Nadda, also wants to use only Sawdeshi apps on his China made Apple IPhone _Apple the company outsources all its iPhone hardware manufacture and its Apple lap tops manufacture to China. To me, these IPhones and Apple Macs do not appear to be cheap products!

  11. Hare Krishna! says:

    Hello Mysoreans!
    Ambani the boss of Reliance, who is recently named as one of the world’s richest persons will be listening to your cey to use only Swadeshi products.
    He may be already planning to replace along list of Chinese products used in India, with new Reliance products manufactured in new shiny factories , for which he will be seeking the central government funds. His Reliance products may be far more expensive than the Chinese products, but atleast they are all Swadeshi,which will make Ambani still richer. But make sure that these products areall manufactured in India only,but are not branded simply with Reliance brand.

  12. Hare Krishna! says:

    correction cry

  13. Sam says:

    @What a culture!! What an Arrogant A$$Hole@ you are! Everybody who produces any counter argument or contradicts your stupid logic you call them Rant ! I know you hare Modiji and want to Suck up to Dynasty that is fine! But don’t try to act like you only have the supreme authority on Truth! and whatever you say becomes the truth!If you cant keep a good argument going, get lost! The people who tied the hands of those 20 soldiers were your CONgress party and they had to honor the agreement which your Chinese army violated ! This logic is not understandable to taht italiain barmaid and her nincompoop son ! Looks like Kachche haruka Nehru sowed many seeds in Karnataka also during his time and we am witnessing one in ‘What a culture!’. defending the dynasty! Understandable

  14. What a culture! says:

    @Sam You are a brain dead idiot. I do not live in your country , not its citizen. The truth is your dear PM Modiji has ensured that Chinese have taken the slice of the country. That simple. Your clap trap of accusing every one as Congress supporter shows how your \Modiji has brain washed you all.
    The Russians have intervened, and they will ensure that China keeps the territory. After all, they will say,Modi has accepted that there is no loss of territory
    Those soldiers were sent unarmed by dear PM Modiji,even without similar clubs Chinese used. Daft .
    You keep your dear Pm Modiji meditating .

  15. gundanna says:

    New York Times has no credibility left

  16. Sam says:

    @What a culture! I never said you live in India ! I called you an ASSHOLE , that is a perfect definition for people like you! People like you can live anywhere! Not necessarily in India! Asshole is always an Asshole irrespective of where they live! Assholes call others Brainless idiot because they have brains in their end end of their behind! I Dont listen to Modi! I listen to military generals! If you asshole think that even Military is a Bhakth, then, that is true to your asshole identity!

  17. What a culture! says:

    You talk like an imbecile First you accuse me of supporting the Gandhis, and now you lost your argument and rants something else.
    The retired General V K Singh says what Modi says! You are just a foul-mouthed Typical Indian. Go back to schoolto learn politeness and correct argument.
    Do not worry, when China overruns India soon, you cannot post anything!

  18. Sam says:

    @What a culture! – Good information! You disclosed your true identity and where your heart is! You live outside India and hoping that China will overrun India and stop me from posting! We are glad you are not in India and never be India as we already have enough traitors of your kind! You lived up to and earned every abuse I hurled at you! Have a nice life!

  19. No action! says:

    Hello Sam
    I read your long list of newspapers and their biases. It sounded to me, a doctor, that you have what we call a mature stage Paranoid Schizophrenia. You need to get treatment for it.
    First, There is nothing like a gold standard now. Gone were the days gold was used as a standard.
    Second, New York Times,gives news as they are. The bias , you will find in the column called ” Op-Ed”, where people express their opinions.
    Third, the military generals:In India, they are too afraid of politicians in power. They have let down the country consistently, not telling the unpalatable truth to politicians in power. For example, the satellites images flashed in the media in the West clear show that China was building up for months in preparation for this incursion. this the generals should have cautioned the PM and the defence minister.If it was General Thimmaiah or Sam Manekshaw, they would have done it. China was successful in grabbing the Galwan Valley.
    You mentioned the agreement between China and India. This was made, with Russia in the back ground, because,in 1962,China used weapons superior to Indian weapons,which did not fire. Hence, the clashes were very brutal. However, it did not mean,Indian soldiers had to fight with hands and stones. They could have used other weapons similar to what Chinese soldiers used. But, Once,Colonel Babu, the commanding officer, was killed,the agreement became null and void. The Indian soldiers should have used their automatic fire power The Indian generals should have given proper rules for engagement.They failed.
    Retired Lt. General H.S. Panag told Hindustan Times on Wednesday that the incident at Galwan “is the only time in the history of Indian Army that a commanding officer has been clubbed to death”. So ,even with clashes under the previous Indian governments,there were many under the same agreement, no colonel was killed.
    Finally,do not get flustered. Take it easy. People express their opinions different to your own. No need to get abusive, and make yourself worse.

  20. Sam says:

    @No Action! Your spirit to save the fellow asshole is understandable! But you should have some brain cells to defend an indefensible! If you can think you still understand, understand this agreement between Indian government and Chinese in 1993 – your god Rohul’s government
    Read this
    Agreement on the Maintenance of Peace and Tranquility along
    the Line of Actual Control in the India-China Border Areas
    September 7, 1993
    The Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the
    People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the two sides),
    have entered into the present Agreement in accordance with the Five
    Principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity,
    mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other’s internal
    affairs, equality and mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence and with
    a view to maintaining peace and tranquility in areas along the line of
    actual control in the India-China border areas.
    1. The two sides are of the view that the India-China boundary
    question shall be resolved through peaceful and friendly consultations.
    Neither side shall use or threaten to use force against the other by any
    means. Pending an ultimate solution to the boundary question
    between the two countries, the two sides shall strictly respect and
    observe the line of actual control between the two sides. No activities
    of either side shall overstep the line of actual control. In case
    personnel of one side cross the line of actual control, upon being
    cautioned by the other side, they shall immediately pull back to their
    own side of the line of actual control. When necessary, the two sides
    shall jointly check and determine the segments of the line of actual
    control where they have different views as to its alignment.
    2. Each side will keep its military forces in the areas along the line of
    actual control to a minimum level compatible with the friendly and
    good neighbourly relations between the two countries. The two sides
    agree to reduce their military forces along the line of actual control in
    conformity with the requirements of the principle of mutual and equal
    security to ceilings to be mutually agreed. The extent, depth, timing,
    and nature of reduction of military forces along the line of actual
    control shall be determined through mutual consultations between the
    two countries. The reduction of military forces shall be carried out by
    stages in mutually agreed geographical locations sector-wise within
    the areas along the line of actual control.
    3. Both sides shall work out through consultations effective confidence
    building measures in the areas along the line of actual control. Neither
    side will undertake specified levels of military exercises in mutually
    identified zones. Each side shall give the other prior notification of
    military exercises of specified levels near the line of actual control
    permitted under this Agreement.
    4. In case of contingencies or other problems arising in the areas along
    the line of actual control, the two sides shall deal with them through
    meetings and friendly consultations between border personnel of the
    two countries. The form of such meetings and channels of
    communications between the border personnel shall be mutually
    agreed upon by the two sides.
    5. The two sides agree to take adequate measures to ensure that air
    intrusions across the line of actual control do not take place and shall
    undertake mutual consultations should intrusions occur. Both sides
    shall also consult on possible restrictions on air exercises in areas to
    be mutually agreed near the line of actual control.
    6. The two sides agree that references to the line of actual control in
    this Agreement do not prejudice their respective positions on the
    boundary question.
    7. The two sides shall agree through consultations on the form,
    method, scale and content of effective verification measures and
    supervision required for the reduction of military forces and the
    maintenance of peace and tranquility in the areas along the line of
    actual control under this Agreement.
    8. Each side of the India-China Joint Working Group on the boundary
    question shall appoint diplomatic and military experts to formulate,
    through mutual consultations, implementation measures for the
    present Agreement. The experts shall advise the Joint Working Group
    on the resolution of differences between the two sides on the
    alignment of the line of actual control and address issues relating to
    redeployment with a view to reduction of military forces in the areas
    along the line of actual control. The experts shall also assist the Joint
    Working Group in supervision of the implementation of the Agreement,
    and settlement of differences that may arise in that process, based on
    the principle of good faith and mutual confidence.
    9. The present Agreement shall come into effect as of the date of
    signature and is subject to amendment and addition by agreement of
    the two sides.
    Signed in duplicate at Beijing on the Seventh day of September 1993
    in the Hindi, Chinese and English languages, all three texts having
    equal validity.
    R. L. Bhatia
    Minister of State for External Affairs
    Republic of India
    Tang Jiaxuan
    Vice-Foreign Minister
    People’s Republic of China
    You stupid Asshole do not have brains to read anything but want to bark at others! I don’t advise you to consult a psychiatrist! Check with your proctologist if he can spot your pea sized brain in your colon!

  21. No action! says:

    Hello Sam
    Your long paragraphs of the agreement which any one with an internet connection can read. No need to produce them.
    Your illness is worse than I initially thought. The SOM should moderate posts to ensure that people like you who use abuse languages are kept out from posting.
    You are in serious danger of hurting someone.
    I have no interest in Indian politics at all. That is for you Indians to grapple with. I just mentioned facts.
    Your abuses,I should warn is a serious Cyber crime. Perhaps ,I should mention this to the Mysore DC or the police commissioner.

  22. Nikhil says:

    @No Action – For many people of the present generation – they do not know the meaning of the Sanskrit verse ‘satyam bruyat priyam bruyat na bruyat satyam apriyam’ meaning ‘Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others.’ . Sometimes truth can be hurtful! Probably what he said was absolutely true but the way he said it may be hurtful! The cure for this is, we need to control our urge to pretend ourselves as the epitome of perfection and advise others to a psychiatrist! Look at it this way, others have no obligation to buy your illusion about your supremacy! When you are humble, people respect you! Period!

  23. No action! says:

    I have studied Sanskrit for 15 years so much so that I can converse in Sanskrit.
    I do not care what any one disagrees, abuse in cyberspace is a cyber crime. To me , a doctor, it was a clear case of Paranoid Schizophrenia.
    I do not get hurt from such persons, and ask them to seek medical help. Thatb was what I did.
    You see, Indians do not like to know the truth, but are very good in advising OTHERS! You have just done this!
    I will leave it at that.

  24. Hello, hello! says:

    Hi Nikhil
    “others have no obligation to buy your illusion about your supremacy” in Sanskrit I may add!!


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